Monday, October 14, 2019

Minimalistic: Black and White with a dash of Soft Pink + Linkup.

"Minimalist fashion is defined by one major principle: keep it simple! Streamlined shapes, a small selection of colors and even a bare minimum (gasp!) amount of clothing in your closet. Simplicity is the key to pinpointing this style." Thank you Google for that definition. 

I have always known what minimalistic style means, at least to me. Minimalistic fashion to me is clothing in black and white or neutral colors, soft barely-there colors too like a lilac, blush pink, a pastel peach or gold. It also means classic, timeless, well-designed, go-with-everything clothing and designs. The French and the British people come to mind because their style is always timeless and usually minimalistic. Stripes, Polka Dots, Good Non-Distressed Denim, a Moto Jacket, a Black Blazer, a White Button-Down Blouse, a Chambray Shirt, a Classic Burberry Trench-Coat, a Black Sheath, a Little White Dress, a pair of Black Skinny Jeans (like I am wearing today), a Great Classic Tee also make up some of the items in a minimalist closet. And lately, particularly this month I have been so much drawn to minimalistic style. Specifically black and white looks with a touch of pink, mostly Blush Pink or Millennial Pink to be exact, just like with today's look from a couple of weeks ago (it was very warm here, some days hot even, the first week of October). You can definitely NOT wear short sleeves now, not even just a long-sleeve top. You need a layer of some sort too: cardigan, puffer vest, jacket, light coat.

Today is the first of several outfits I will be blogging this month of October about Minimalistic Style and you will see a lot of black and white but most definitely a little (or in some cases more than a little) pink in each look, too. After all October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so I (and YOU) should wear all the pink in tiny subtle doses or go for an all-pink look if you like! With this outfit I paired one of my 3 pairs of Black Skinny Jeans (a classic pair of black denim you must own in your closets) with a Fitted Off-White Tee with tiny Black Polka Dots and the fun little Puffed-up Ruches Sleeves (it is by Express and it runs kind of small, wish I had the Medium). This month I have also worn several times these Beautiful, Dressy Satin Pearl+Crystal Embellished Slip-on Blush Pink Sneakers which I purchased over a year ago at Target and are a favorite! So far, for the first half of the month I have also carried this Beautiful Nude-Pinkish Tote (also by Target). I love that it looks like real sturdy leather, it is so well-made. The pops of python on it are perfect and so is the color: between a soft butter tan and a light blush pink. Gorgeous! I have shown this bag a lot on my Instagram feed and stories and all of you have loved it and complimented it, each time. =) I even kept my jewelry minimalistic by wearing just a Simple Rose Gold Studded Cuff (Express), a Silver "V" Pendant Necklace (Brighton Collectibles) and Baby Blue Oval-Shaped Stud Earrings (Francesca's). So, what do you think of Minimalistic Style?! Trust me, it is usually not my cup of tea, however at least once or twice a week I choose a ore classic, colorless, minimalist type of look whether to work or casually. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Own Your Life - Poetry.

Sometimes I think about this, especially in this day and age. It is 2019 and we are so much "affected" and influenced by what we see, hear, watch, read, blog, google, etc. I mean besides the ever-growing days of social media and virtual marketing, now the word "influencer" refers to someone's job or profession if we can call it that. Whether we want to or not, what we see others doing, drinking, dieting, eating, buying, shopping for, exercising, applying, listening to, attending, etc, etc. affects us, our own lives, it affects our ways of living and our own experiences. So, in my own words, in a free-style I wrote a poetry about this. I think writing about these things especially as bloggers and some of us as Instagram micro-influencers and being open about these things is important, true and cathartic! So I did, I wrote about it! By the end of the poem, you will see that there is indeed a very positive message here and a strong, realistic one too! Hope you enjoy it. =)

Own Your Life!
[1.30 P.M., October 15th, 2019.]

The "In Crowd", the coolest, the fastest, the best,
this world will never make us rest!
We drive in an ever-evolving society,
our wheels sometimes don't hit the ground...

Aiming after the best things to go after,
the latest new trends and fads to try,
trying the latest new diets, 
searching for that perfect mascara, lipstick, tea, coffee drink,
                                                                whatever it may be!

Zooming into our photos and smoothing away every flaw,
trying to compete with the best influencers out there,
comparing our lives to others', changing our clothes, our homes,
always falling victims, becoming a product whore!

But life is not all smoke, flowers and mirrors,
life is not just sweet chocolates and pink rosé,
in that beautiful downtown restaurant you are dressing sharp to go to...
there is a single mom trying to earn lots of tips for her starving kids,
a toddler crying hysterically because they don't get their way...
an alcoholic dad who is drowning his sorrows through a shot of whiskey and a glass of merlot,
an on-and-off couple that is fighting as they are prepping small plates,
a chef who looks down on his cooks as knives cut fresh meats...

Everywhere you may be, wherever you are,
everyone has problems like or unlike yours,
one day you will be just like the shooting star,
your moment will come, ...while other times you will be let down!

So earn your flaws, own your mistakes,
it's OK if everything doesn't look perfect or finished,
a happy home is made up of messes and chaos,
a happy heart isn't always joyful, sometimes it is shattered!

Life is not the perfect Millennial Pink palette
you see on that beautifully-filtered Instagram feed,
life does not measure through the number of your followers, your likes and your clicks,
life is the sum of your experiences, your failures, your growth and your bliss!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Thursday Moda #187: My Sweet, Little, Pink Butterfly.

Don't I have a sweet little girl or what?! Every day I wake up and no matter how many things can go wrong, how much of a stressful day I may have ahead of me, I always look at her before she wakes up, as she sleeps peacefully next to me, her eyes closed and when she looks even more beautiful, I remind and tell myself how blessed and lucky I am. This creature who is six and a half years old and who is now a first grader is my beautiful daughter, my peace and joy, my happiness, my heart, my entire world actually. YES I AM BLESSED. GOD IS GOOD. And I am grateful!

My daughter is my sweet, little, pink butterfly and I am not just describing her dress which is in a vibrant shade of coral red with bursting yellow and pink butterflies. Vivian's dress is the true metaphor for the title of this post. The title I chose is also a true metaphor about who Vivian is, really. Viv is a sweet little girl, who has a sassy, bold, bright and friendly personality. Viv is a girly girl who loves wearing dresses, skirts, florals, frills and accessories. She loves to twirl, sing, dance and pose. Viv is a girl who loves wearing pink and whose favorite color happens to be pink also (whether bright, light, neon, medium, soft, millennial or blush pink), Vivian doesn't "discriminate" against any pink. And how fun and how awesome that Vivian got to wear bright colors and her favorite - pink - in a short-sleeve dress with bare legs in October without freezing! Hooray for that!! This is Michigan after all. We had some warm early October days here in Michigan and this month is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month after all, so why not wear all the pink?! In Vivian's bold fuchsia lips too. Of course any girly, flirty, pretty, fit+flare, floral dress cannot be completed without some pretty shoes and cute socks with frilly lace. And what are more girly shoes that adorable Mary Jane ballet flats?! Vivian's are a sparkly silver pair. Of course, a pretty and girly dress needs a gorgeous bow too. Vivian's bow mixes colors, patterns and textures. The bow and the lipstick are the two finishing touches to Vivian's Sweet Little Pink Butterfly Dress.

Fall looks are streaming down my linkup, with looks featuring knits, sweaters, leopard, the most fun bags for Fall, a Hat or two and even a couple of Pretty White Blouses styled in the most chic street-style way! Thank you all who joined my linkup last week and for enjoying my latest poem I wrote. =)
Elyse is looking so ready to manifest the first weeks of Fall in a 'Black Tie Blouse' whose wispy black ties match her floppy hat, while the beautiful and rich cognac booties match the bag which is both cognac+black. She definitely paid attention to the details in a Fall color palette.
Nora featured three very elegant yet casual street-style outfits featuring the clothes she designs and produces. She knows the 'Trend Alert Leopard' and has herself wrapped in it on top of her camel sweater.
Bold Americana stripes and a cute tortoise hair clip make up Bojana's outfit. Her 'Casual Fall Outing' is a post which featured her stylish beautiful daughters, also.
In one of her latest posts, Shauna reminded us that 'Autumn Days Are Here Again' as she recapped around a dozen beautiful outfits, but I loved this super sophisticated black+white look with the classic black pumps and that feathery statement bag!
My friend Shelbee looks fabulous and fit and shows us a fun, edgy and sexy way to 'Wear Shorts for Work' especially if you work in fashion, TV or for a magazine. Those pops of merlot via her beret and booties were fantastic!
Last but surely not least, the very elegantly-chic Nancy does it again... this time in a 'Two-Piece Knitted Outfit'. Two-piece looks are all the rage these days and Nancy knows it!

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Friday, October 4, 2019

A Home Filled with Flowers and Beautiful Silk Prints.

Happy Friday you all TGIF! I have a very long work Friday today but I am looking forward to the weekend and getting Vivian's wardrobe ready for the cold months (mine too). Fun fun fun!! LOL Today however, I am doing something I haven't done in a long long time, co-hosting a linkup. My dear and very fashionable European friend NANCY from Nancy's Fashion Style and I are co-hosting her regular Friday linkup. Nancy is a dear friend who loves skirts, dresses, jackets and pretty shoes+boots. She is quite stylish whether the weather is cold or warm. She does such a great job wearing broth bright colors or neutrals. Her and I have collaborated and co-hosted together before and she has joined my Blog Birthday Party the last couple of years. Below is her very chic outfit from today doing a monochromatic look in different shades of green and olive. I saw it on her Instagram first and commented and liked for sure. I love her dress and boots. Give me all the buttons on skirts+dresses and all the fun boots!

monochrome green outfit

My post today is all about...

This outfit and these photos are from the last days of Summer on a very hot afternoon, after I got back from work and went for a little visit to see my new nephew and Vivian's baby cousin. I love how this post is surrounded by beautiful natural flowers like the hydrangeas and deep berry-colored rose bushes in front of our home or the many vases of fresh flowers inside: fuchsia roses, yellow rose blooms, white and peach lillies, baby breath branches and more. It makes pictures of the bracelets and rings I was wearing look even prettier and artsy. I mean, how can one not like real flowers?! They are beautiful and smell so good. Though, I do know people who don't care for flowers and they aren't even allergic. As far as my outfit I am mixing monochromatic prints in my Chiffon Snakeskin (or how I like to call it "Python") Camisole and my Silk Wrap Skirt which has two different prints on its own. Though the skirt has several colors in it like lavender, baby blue, mauve, maroon, grey and periwinkle, it went so well with the simple grey+ivory tones of the snakeskin top, so much so that a couple of people thought I was wearing a pretty and fancy silk dress. Both my Pretty Wrap Skirt and Dressy Camisole are by Loft and I am so proud of the outfit I created with them and that I decided to pair them together. As far as accessories, I have on three stretchy colorful bracelets, a few of my favorite rings with semi-precious stones, a simple Mixed Metal Silver+Gold Circle Pendant Jenny Bird Necklace and my Oval-Shaped Gold-Tone Madewell Earrings (both earrings and necklace were purchased at Nordstrom, they are so classic yet modern and go with everything, plus they look so good together). Last, I chose perforated Faux Leather accessories: Nude Peep-Toe Booties by Target and my Black Crossbody Square Bag by Express. What do you think of this outfit?! Does it look monochromatic?! How do you like real flowers?! Do you keep fresh bouquets of flowers at home?! What flowers are your favorites?!

Nancy's Fashion Style

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