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Currently, August 2021.

OK, so it's already middle of August!! How in the fuck?! LOL But to tell you I have been busy this Summer would be the understatement of a lifetime. August is also the month of my babe's birthday though we didn't get to clebrate it that much because he works. But I did dedicate a post to him on  my Instagram  which you all loved. Thank You. Here, I am currently sitting across from Vivian at Panera Bread sharing a chocolate croissant and having my coffee as I type this post. We have had no power for 20 hours (and counting... unfortunately!) due to severe bad weather that brought upon several thunderstorms, extreme rain, floods and loss of power for close to half a million households in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Please keep me, my family and all the families currently suffering power loss, in your prayers. I have been praying we get power ASAP because it's awful without it. I am currently working on this blog post (I had every intention of doing it sooner along my Th

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