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Pink Week for Breast Cancer - Pink Accessories.

A day late and a dollar short lol - how that saying goes - but I have had such a busy, fulfilling, surprising, outstanding and overwhelming (in a good way) weekend filled with so much happiness, surprises and big blessings! A weekend I got to share (a little) with my dear friend MIREI of Chez Mireille who I am co-hosting with, today. My heart is so full right now. This French mama of 4 joined me today for the 6th day of the Pink Week where we get to style...
PINK  ACCESSORIES. Today my breast cancer aWEARness outfit is styled around a pink accessory and my pink accessory are these silky slip-on sneakers with embellished faux pearls and pearl crystals. These are from Target and I have had them for a couple of years. By far my most favorite slip-on sneakers and the most comfortable ones too. I can easily and comfortably wear them without those invisible flats socks. For one of our warmer earlier days this October I wore these beautiful millennial pink silk embellished slip-on sneakers wit…

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