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Thursday Moda #261: Summer Tweed Pastel.

Today I am doing something very rare, posting the same exact outfit I wore today indeed (in real life) OOTD. This rarely happens, especially in the last couple of years. But this adorable new dress from Loft (they come up with the best dresses every Spring+Summer) is worth blogging right away, because you need to get your hands on it, too. I highly recommend it! So let's talk about it... SUMMER  TWEED  PASTEL. This adorable ruffle-hemmed short dress (just a couple inches above the knee - perfect length if you ask me) is in the perfect Summer Tweed Pastel. I love that the color is milky but it has those very subtle and very colorful pastel stripes all across in its texture, which in this particular outfit today, mixed so well with my tie-dye rainbow slides (they are new from Target's kids department). I love the details in the designing of this dress, not just the amazing material and colors. It has fully functionable buttons on the front and the straps tie on each shoulder. And

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