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Tuesday in July - Poetry.

This little poem about July, this Summer and the current year we are having was written on the last Tuesday of July 2020. I loved the rhyming I used (1st and 4th lines rhyme, as well as 2nd and 3rd lines rhyme). I cannot believe how fast July flew by and before you know it we will beg for Summer to be here again because our Winters in Michigan are brutal! Hope you all like the poetry!


Small flickers in the sky,
rain is falling heavily for a little while,
the grass is greener than ever, the horses smile,
it is a beautiful Tuesday in July!

Pandora is on, playing a song by Julia Michaels,
as I hear a car passing by, windows rolled down,
it's a great day for an iced coffee up town,
or to make a bouquet out of fresh flowers!

We go for a bicycle ride on the park,
my daughter and other kids playing, smiling with their eyes,
they are little, they could care less,
they have no idea this world is so dark...

Full with innocence inside their curious eyes,
beautiful little faces filled wit…

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