Saturday, September 14, 2019

Late Summer Days (part 1): The Best Grandma & Downtown Milford.

Sayings like this on a random red brick wall, in front of a pretty home decor local boutique are great reminders that this is indeed a beautiful world and even on those days when you feel sick, beat down, angry, frustrated or unhappy, you should not forget how beautiful this world is and that you are worth it!! Worth it to live in this beautiful world and experience all the beautiful things it has to offer, let go of all the negativity and all the negative people, trust your gut and lead with your kind heart! I even mentioned similar things in my most recent Instagram post.
In these late Summer Days I am all about spending as much time outdoors as you can, visiting the cute towns and downtowns by you - like my mom, my daughter and I did this August day in Milford - and appreciate the beauty of nature, the warm (yet) days, the weather which is still warm enough to go without sleeves and legs fully-exposed and continue to make wishes by little fountains - why not?! That is one of Vivian's most favorite things to do: having a coin or two, closing her gorgeous eyes and very thoughtfully - for a good minute or so - thinking of one or more wishes she is about to make as she holds the coin with two fingers close to her face, and is about ready to toss it into the fountain. And she looks quite stylish doing it, too, like the day she wore this beautiful Living Coral Fit+Flare Guitar-Print dress by the Genuine Kids line at Target, accessorized beautifully with little lace-trimmed white socks + adorable patterned white sneakers, a rainbow-colored striped bow and her polka-dot little bunny aqua purse (also by Target). But let me sing praises to the other sweet lady in this post, my dear mama who is...

I am thankful to my mom every day that I am the one that gets to call her mom. She is a wonderful woman with a very kind, genuine and quite forgiving heart. Her heart is too big and too forgiving sometimes. She is also very sensitive and wears her emotions on her sleeve. Lately she has had some hard times and been hurt and rejected a lot by people she thought loved her and cared for her. But - eventhough she doesn't read my blog - I want her to know that I am here for her, even more now since I have become a mother myself. I am here for my mom as a shoulder to vent or cry on, just like she has been there for me. And I haven't always been a great daughter. I know I haven't. A woman never as before realizes the importance and kindness of a mother, as the moment she becomes a mother herself. And even-though when I became a mom, my mother lived over 5000 miles away from me, I knew how even more crucial, more loving and more important she would become to me and my little baby, too. My wonderful mama loves my little Vivian to pieces and is such a fantastic grandma to her. I can always count on my mom for all the Saturdays I have to work and she has to watch Vivian for long hours. Vivian on the other hand loves her "nena" so much. She helps her with cleaning and organizing and plays sous chef when my wonderful cook of a mom cooks! 

I love these ladies so much, they have been and WILL ALWAYS BE THE MOST IMPORTANT WOMEN IN MY LIFE and the ones who will always have the biggest impact and influence on me! If your relationship with your mother is not the greatest, even if she hasn't been a good mom, I hope my post today will put you in the mood to call your mom, text her or try to talk to her, treat her to lunch, open up to her! She deserves it, trust me!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Sick Day.

I had planned to have a post go LIVE today for Wednesday September 11th where I would add the linkup at the bottom and another one go live tomorrow on Thursday along with the Thursday Moda. But here I am falling asleep, watching "Rectify" on Netflix, with a box of tissues next to me because I am getting sick. I have felt sick all afternoon since I got home from work. I already drank some hot black tea with honey. If I feel like this in the morning, I am afraid I have to call off work. So long story short, I am going to take a couple of days off and take a sick day when it comes to my Thursday Moda. Going on for 3 and a half years now, I HAVE NEVER MISSED OR SKIPPED A THURSDAY MODA LINKUP here on the blog, whether it has been Thanksgiving, whether I have been busy or on vacation, but I will be taking this week off and not worry about the linkup since I am sick and I need lots of rest and vitamin C. I will be back here with a new Thursday Moda next week and speaking off, I am looking for co-hosts so let me know if you would like to co-host Thursday Moda with me this Fall.

Lastly I wanted to take a moment of silence to remember September 11th and all the men and women that lost their lives on that awful, horrific day 18 years ago. We will never forget, America!!

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Friday, September 6, 2019

An Afternoon at the Park with Viv.

Spent an afternoon at the park near Vivian's school where a lot of parents from Vivian's school took their kids. There was a lot to do, besides the kinds playing in the playground. and jumping on bouncy houses They saw and fed chickens and roosters and even got to visit with the local police and firemen. Vivian had so much fun touring and checking out the police car and the fire trucks. She spent a lot of time with her best friend (not pictured) and we took a lot of fun photos of the two girls together. It was hot AF. Those flavored shaved ice cups were needed. They were definitely overpriced though.

I - as usual - was definitely overdressed for the playground, but that's how I roll lol. I love this black monochromatic look, slightly edgy too with the little holes and frayed distressing on the hem. These black skinny jeans are by Abercrombie, the grey pointy-toe suede loafers are by Express, the white embroidered tank-top and black tulle crystal-encrusted statement earrings are by Loft, while my oversized tortoise sunglasses are by Lord and Taylor.

And finally the bunnies - Vivian's most favorite pets. They were super cute and fluffy. Vivian had so much fun that afternoon. I cannot wait to do similar things with her this Fall at the local apple orchards and cider mills by us. After all, there are a lot of fun outdoor Autumn activities here in Michigan and we have some of the best apples in the world, some of which are locally-grown just a few miles away from us. FALL is in my opinion the prettiest season in the Mitten State. Have any of you ever visited or lived in Michigan?!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Thursday Moda #183: Currently, September 2019.

Once again, Welcome September - back to school, back to regular routines, back to busy schedules life! I just posted a September bucket list and I haven't done one in a long while but stop by the post to see it and why I am doing one. September I think is a big month for kids, parents, grandparents, everyone really! But I am still doing my usual monthly currently posts which have 5 different prompts each month and the ideas come from Anne In Residence. Our kids are just months apart and if I am correct her son Henrick also just started first grade and even went to a new school. Speaking of starting first grade, do you follow me on Instagram - please follow me - I have been bombarding you with stories, videos and photos of Vivian from her first two days of school. The last two Instagram posts show Vivian on her first two days of school - the first day was a half day and her second day was her first full day - being all giddy, exciting and very stylish of course! I have a mini fashionista and future fashion blogger in my hands, you guys!


making: Room for new and Fall items in Vivian's closet. In order to do this I will be thoroughly going through her items, especially the Summer items and see what fits and what doesn't. Eventually I plan on doing the same for her more transitional clothes like sweaters, sweatshirts, leggings, jeans and jackets (and eventually coats - oh my!). 

taking: New Outfit Pictures for the Blog in some mix+match outfits and Fall Transitional looks, featuring some of my booties and hats, like I mentioned in my latest September Bucket List post. I will be starting to layer with my cardigans too, especially my long cardigans or my big, chunky, oversized cardigans, but ONLY if the weather calls for them. I am not one to rush seasons. I dress for the weather that it is, unless I am doing a collaboration post or a how-to-style post for the blog.

discovering: Lots of New, Awesome Shows on Prime (who knew!?). I am currently in the middle of watching both "Sneaky Pete" and "Bosch". The first show only has 3 seasons and the second one has 5 so far but it is still going. Next I want to watch "Homecoming" with Julia Roberts - I have heard great things. "Hannah" looks great too. What other Prime shows do you recommend? What am I missing?!

 consuming: Less and less coffee (it hasn't been sitting well with me lately and I have liked the flavor but usually don't love it). I am definitely not drinking coffee daily and if I do is half a cup to a full cup. Instead I have been reaching for more tea (hot tea or iced tea), trying to consume more water and 100 juices/smoothies with all good natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, oat, flax seeds and some protein in the mix. What are you all consuming these days and what are you not?! 

saving: Money. After a very expensive August (vacation, working less, back to school shopping for school supplies and some new clothes and undergarments+socks for Vivian, plus a couple of new bras for me - I utilized Soma's great sale and purchased two new ones), September will be a month that I will sit out, not buy anything and even spend less in eating out, movies and such.

Now, let's take a look at what I have blogged previously this time, dating back as early as 2012 when I was pregnant. It was also my first year of blogging. I noticed a "trend" in these outfits: a lot of leg. And honestly the younger I was, the better and best-shaped my gams were lol. So, let's take a roll down memory lane, shall we?!

I loved titling this post Baby Pink Date for Three because I was pregnant in my first trimester and we already knew we were having a girl. Plus hard to tell but my embellished silky camisole is in a baby pink color and it matched those blush/baby pink satin wedge sandals with the 3D embellished flowers beautifully. Loved how sexy yet monochromatic this look is, pairing all the blush pink silkies with the white denim mini skirt and matching white purse. It was perfect for a dinner date night and not too shabby for a pregnant mamma-to-be!

This was the year that I stayed home with Vivian as a baby so my style was almost always very casual and relaxed. I also did a lot of Pinterest-Inspired looks back then. This one I "copied" from my friend Inge who used to have a style blog and is now a mom of two and still teaches I think. I styled these relaxed olive green cropped pants (from The Limited I think) with this beautiful ecru flutter-sleeve top with the large dots tulley overlay (also by The Limited). I dressed them up a little with these Bronze Real Leather Bow Ballet Flats I have had forever. Very simple look, yet comfortable, very friendly for a mom with a baby and still put-together.

This was another Labor Day Weekend Look for an at-home, patriotic look featuring "Pineapples, Stars and Stripes" with a dose of navy, red and a bit of white. It is Americana but with a beachy vibe with the lavender cotton shorts by Old Navy which have navy embroidered pineapples on them, accessorized with an elastic red headband, American flag slip-on sneakers and those matchy jelly turquoise and red link bracelets, and paired on top with an oversized navy+silver off-shoulder striped t-shirt.

I barely posted last year and there were very few outfit posts. But one of the ones I did post was this "Mommy and Me" matchy look. Vivian and I were Dotty Over Fuchsia Dresses with our matching yet different fuchsia dresses with oversized dots. This was during Labor day weekend last year, where we spend a Sunday down-town our city including a lunch date and a little bit of shopping. Vivian stole the show in this post. She is beyond adorable, full of sass and personality. I, on the other hand rocked a strapless dress from The Limited that I have had for a long time, with matchy bright, hot pink statement earrings by Wal Mart (love the pom poms) and I love that Vivian and I had matchy pink jelly sandals.

And now, time for the linkup. As always, thank you so much for visiting my blog and linking up with me. I am getting into a more of a routine as this month progresses so I WILL MAKE A BETTER EFFORT TO NOT ONLY BLOG, BUT COMMENT ON YOUR POSTS, CONNECT WITH YOU AND LINK UP WITH YOU ALL, TOO. Thanks again.

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

My September 2019 Bucket List.

September - in my opinion - is a month of NEW. New beginnings, new dreams, new school year. Kids going back to school is a big part of that as they are tackling a new school year with new wishes, dreams, hopes, challenges, difficulties, lessons, homework, etc, etc. Parents on the other hand go back to their routine, more normal schedules (with kids starting school again), and they have to find out new ways to push kids to eat good and healthy, study hard, read more, practice more, etc, etc. In many ways things starting down at least in the beginning of the school year as everyone is getting settled in and both kids and their parents and grandparents are getting used to the new schedule. The beginning of September feels slow and like it is going by slower than August who flew by (it always does!!), especially with Summer winding down and sunsets coming by faster and faster each evening. But then life moves in a faster lane and we are rushing so much each morning to get kids dressed, fed and ready to take the bus, to prepare and have lunches packed, make our coffee and drink it super fast or put the mug down so many times that it will get cold. We are rushing as we push through traffic and try to make it to work on time. But it is always important to remember to breathe, slow down every now and then, inhale and exhale. It is also important to make time for your kids outside of their school homework. Spend some evenings and weekends with them, let them enjoy the last days of Summer and play outside in nature while it is still warm. That is why I am making a September Bucket List. So without further adieu, here are some things I would love to accomplish this September.


~ Visit our local CIDER MILL and spend a few hours there enjoying the nature, picking apples, taking photos, laughing, playing with the pets and the hay, drinking fresh apple cider and eating all those delicious donuts.

~ Visit our local library/ies at least 2 or 3 times and pick out new books for Vivian to read. This will also encourage her reading, teach her to be a better reader, want her to read new books, learn new words, help her with spelling, etc.

~ Practice reading and writing with Vivian every day, well reading every day and writing at least 5 days a week. 

~ Visiting 2-3 or more cute towns and strolling their down towns while it is still warm and days are pretty long.

~ Taking an entire ME day off, where I would do a little blogging, a lot of reading (a book) and organizing/purging clothes, than a dinner out by myself complete with a fun cocktail, all dressed up. Because why not, I deserve it! Every mom deserves it!

~ Discover new music and fall in love with a new song! How fun!

~ Go on a couple of movie dates with Vivian. I love taking her to watch all the latest kids movies and for her to tell me what that particular movie taught her.

~ Take an entire weekend off from social media and put the phone down for most of the day. And I know this will be harder than it sounds. I think for all adults especially moms who are constantly posting photos, videos and stories of their kids on their social media - I am one of them - this is very important to do from time to time.

~ Have an afternoon walk out in the nature, seeing all the new beautiful leaves and Fall colors. Just explore the first steps of Fall. It is a gorgeous season, especially here in Michigan.

~ Start decorating (and hopefully finish decorating) for Fall. Besides Christmas, Fall is my absolute favorite season to decorate for! Love all the Autumnal colors, foliage, pumpkins, etc.

Style-wise and Blog-wise I want to...

~ Post more/the rest of my Summer Outfits from this year. Because I have posted very few outfits all Summer. And secondly: let's not forget it is still quite warm and at times hot and September mostly feels like Summer (not Fall yet) here. But with that same token, I want to...

~ Post, style and wear a few Fall transitional outfits utilizing a lot of my hats, and also start wearing some of my booties and cardigans, for days when it is 60 or below. I am looking at you floppy hats, felt hats, chunky and cozy cardigans! Of course I will continue to style these pieces through October.

Happy September you all and I especially want to wish the best of luck, success and great things this September to all the kids going back to school this month, especially my sweet darling daughter Vivian who starts first grade!! HAVE A GREAT NEW SCHOOL YEAR, BABES!!

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