Monday, January 14, 2019

Brunch So Hard + Thursday Moda.

 Who doesn't like Brunch, right?! This Brunch-So-Hard Heather Grey Sweatshirt (from a local boutique) is perfect as weekend wear or to go for breakfast or brunch. I created a simple layered look for a warm Wintery day (though the warmer days of Winter are far gone, here) by pairing it with my Busted-Knees Abercrombie Jeans, Olive Green Utility Old Navy Jacket, Leopard Tasseled Loafers and some Olive+Tortoise Sunglasses. A simple but Pretty Black Stone Necklace and Bright Lipstick finished up my look. What do you think?!

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

With a Rainbow Afterwards - Poetry.

With  a Rainbow  Afterwards...
[8.40 A.M.]

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Through the ups and the downs, 
as the globe moves around,
objects we leave far behind,
memories we have from the past,
with a new year comes a new dawn,
a new beginning full of sun!

New ways to get happier and radiate,
every day is a possibility for a start,
with each sunrise and sundown,
as we catch those first few rays in the crack of dawn,
as we pour our first cup of fresh hot coffee,
and we start getting dressed, all hustled and busy...

Find a new way to make it happen,
move around get things done, let things go,
let bygones by bygones, some things are best forgotten,
let the new and the today be your omen,
follow the light that radiates within you,
be happier every day and glow - brightful!

Because there is so much wrong and so much pain
that we deal with each day and each week,
tears filling so many eyes, blood running through the veins,
find yourself something to be happy about,
be present, be thankful, be strong,
you are a human, some days you will get it wrong!

And it is ok, it is ok no matter how wrong it is,
life is filled with messes and mayhem, but also blessings and bliss,
screaming children running around
with dirty hands and disheveled clothes,
leaving a piece of joy behind as they walk and run,
filling our hearts a cup above!

Let the littles in your life bring you the biggest joy,
their upbeat, strong spirits and loud voices
be the reason you need to feel positive and hopeful,
because every rain comes with a rainbow afterwards...

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Thursday Moda #149: Starting 2019 in Pink!

Happy Thursday Everyone! We started 2019 wearing Pink (for me and Vivian) and Leopard (for Vivi). We started January 1st off early by taking a trip downtown Northville - a very adorable town you have seen several times both here on my blog and on my Instagram, over the last year especially. You have pretty much seen this town during every season, except for Winter. They have Santa and Mrs. Klaus visiting the downtown every year - as you can see by the Santa House above. The city was dead, we pretty much had the down-town to ourselves. First we parked by Starbucks where we had breakfast and coffee and then we walked around the down-town in the hopes of the weather getting warmer but it never got warm or sunny. The wind was chilling. Good thing both Vivian and I were wearing warm coats and thick wool scarves. Scroll down below to see more of our outfits.

So this is my very first outfit of 2019, worn on January 1st. I started the year wearing pink and I think the rosy, pretty, positive outlook of pink is a great color choice to start off a new year with new beginnings. Between my Nude Blush Perforated Booties from Target, the Skinny Jeans by Loft, the Down Coat by Land's End, the Colorblocked Pink Wool Scarf by Loft, my shade of lipstick, Mauve Crystal Drop Earrings by The Limited and the Millennial Pink Sunglasses by Aeropostale I have about a dozen shades of pink going on in my outfit. Underneath I am wearing a Periwinkle Pointelle Sweater by Loft (mine is sold out but here is a very similar one which comes in a few colors - Love the Pink!). Vivian has some pink in her outfit too. She is wearing the Cutest Pink Sweatshirt with a lace star on the front and a Pink+White "Girls Rule" Headband by Target. I just love her Gorgeous Leopard Coat though. It is the softest faux fur. I scored it last year at Nordstrom Rack. The Warm Wool Red Infinity Scarf she is wearing is Aeropostale and those Comfy Silver, Sneaker Ballet Flats are the best walking shoes. I think there will be a lot of pink in my fashion future this year, especially soft pinks like in today's outfit. What do you think of this look?!

Last week I noticed that after New Year, you all got to your daily routines. Lots of everyday looks were linked. But I also saw a lot of recap posts where several ladies posted their favorite outfits of the previous year 2018. I was attracted to several outfits that were both pretty casual yet felt chic and put-together. And I noticed so many pretty coats and  gorgeous bags. You can see my favorites below.

Petite Mel wore 'The Bubble Sleeve Sweater' she didn't think she would love. But I am on the same page as her - lovely. Plus yellow and white is always so fresh and crisp, especially if you add a pop of animal print to it.
Ruth's style is my cup of tea. Love how she styled the 'Preppy Sweater' with a kerchief scarf, pretty trousers and a lovely bag. She is ready for work!
So glad dear Valerie is back to blogging and linking on Thursday Moda. Her post contained 'Stylish Outfits ti Kick Off 2019'. Love the way she dressed up black leggings with a blush moto jacket and cute fedora. Great photo backdrop, too.
Anna said 'Bye Bye' to 2018 also by recapping her favorite looks. She wore a lot of dresses last year but I loved this mustard one with the statement-making, big, colorful necklace!
My friend Amy posted about the 'Last Work Outfits for 2018' and all were great but I fell in love with this stunning black+heather gray asymmetric coat. Just beautiful!
Last but not least, Jacqui rang in the New Year in 'Sequin'. Gorgeous sequined top, fun metallic clutch, elegant+trendy black pumps and beautiful statement earrings for that matter!

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