Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Poetry...

I hope your Good Friday and Easter Weekend was/is a great one and it is filled with rich, full and yummy tables, Easter baskets full of goodies for the kids, candy, egg hunts, a surprise or two and great weather! Our Easter is not over since I am Christian Orthodox and celebrate it next Sunday. But Vivian will still very much enjoy her American Easter.

I got a little poetry for you today, written over 15 years ago actually. My life was so different back then. I was in the beginning stages of dating the guy who a year and a half later would become my husband. I was very young and honestly sometimes I don't even feel like I lived that life. I have some new material I have written lately but wanted to share this little poetry titled "A Poetry..." from a decade and a half ago because I wouldn't change any words or syllabus, any dots or anything, even if I wrote it, now, today. Hope you like it.

[January 12th 2004.]

A Poetry is a rhythm of life,
cooked with heart and soul,
blessed and inspired by love,
not forged, not forced, but free a horse running through a green field!

A Poetry is an omen of feelings,
taken abruptly from inside,
poured into each and every verse
through similes, metaphors and alterations,
like a glass filled up with the liquid of hope and survival!

A Poetry is my companion, my friend,
the one who lends me its ear,
the one that understands me entirely and whole-heartedly,
the one I dance with every night before I sleep,
so beautiful, so calm, so helpful, so sweet!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Thursday Moda #163: Should I Keep these Plaid Pants?!

I know this is Easter week but it has been raining like crazy and when it is not raining, I have either been at work or haven't had a chance to shoot photos. Bad blogger, since I got no cute Easter dress styled for you. I am actually running out of outfit photos that I have taken so I need to shoot soon. Anyhow, how is your Easter week going?! Looking forward to the long weekend?! I am back today with a Layered Look which is perfect for these in-between season changings. I styled my Burnt Orange Turtleneck Sweater by Target with these Wide-Legged Peach+Red Plaid Pants by The Limited (which I have had for over a decade). Which brings me to the question?!

I looked through one of my closets yesterday and filled up two pretty big carton boxes with stuff that either doesn't fit, I don't love or is not stylish anymore. Off they go to Goodwill or hopefully some I will be able to sell. My goal this year is to purge as much as possible, de-clutter, organize all of my clothes, put them all in matching velvet hangers. Now, these Plaid Pants I have had in my closet for over a decade and when I bought them, I loved them. They fit tight at the waist but still fit. They have that wide-leg/boot-cut style that is very in now. But I also don't quite like the way they fit me. I feel like they make me look older and frumpy. Plus they make my hips look ginormous, no?! Maybe they needed a hot ironing first?! I also want to try them with a light chiffon Spring Blouse tucked in, after I iron them. And see If I like them better, that way. So, my question to you all is should I keep them or donate them/get rid of them?! Please let me know in the comments.

Thank you to all who linked up with me last week and for truly loving the 'Coral Me Striped' Outfit. My multi-direction striped pencil skirt and frilly coral blouse were a hit with you all! This week I am featuring looks I loved that showed a lot of color, pops of animal prints (leopard, ikat, snakeskin) and some Easter Inspiration (like the Maxi Dress and that Adorable Jumpsuit). I noticed some gorgeous necklaces from these ladies, too.
For a casual church, Amy's 'Mustard Bell Sleeve Top' is perfect for Easter morning. Love her navy booties and garnet crossbody bag.
Lovely Jill perfectly showed 'How to Elevate Your Track Pants'. Gorgeous pants first of all and I am a huge fan of knotted henley shirts and mules. Ditto for combining blush pink with white.
Andrea is ready for Spring in those white pumps and front-tied dressy palazzo jumpsuit full of 'Lilac Love'.
At first glance I thought Debbie's cardi was in a leopard print but it is a 'Snake Print Cardigan' which is gorgeous and trendy. Her lace camisole matches perfectly.
Clothing designer Stefanie made the perfect 'Rainbow Ikat Dress'. Safaris, vacation, cruises, Easter or even a beachy wedding - this lovely colorful maxi is perfect!
'Hang in There!' Jacqui! You look so sophisticated, office-chic and ready to be the boss lady in this pencil skirt, tweed jacket, blush blouse, quilted clutch and nude pumps combination!

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Monday, April 15, 2019

What Will Be in Vivian's Easter Basket!

I cannot believe April is already half-way through and Easter is this coming Sunday. The question in everyone's minds is what will be in your kids' Easter basket?! Today I am sharing what I will be putting into Vivian's Easter Basket.

For the smaller/less expensive items, I lucked out and found them at The Five Below store. In case you don't know, the Five Below is a discounted superstore where everything is five dollars or less. They have many items like lipsticks, brushes, notebooks, books, colors, little toys, frames, pencils+pens, kites and even some clothing like flats, flip-flops, tees, leggings, etc. From the Five Below store I picked two of the "Step Into Reading 1" Books since Vivian is just learning how to read as a Kindergartener. She loves unicorns and Shimmer and Shine so one book is on unicorns and one is on the two beloved characters of one of her favorite Nickelodeon shows "Shimmer and Shine". I also picked up a coloring book with unicorns, featuring markers in pastel unicorn-y colors (aqua, peach, gold, light pink, silver and coral). I picked up a little toy egg that has a little Shopkins toy inside, a set of pencils+erasers and two JoJo Bows. My local Five Below store had 5-6 different kind of those large JoJo Bows and I picked two for Vivian since she loves JoJo Siwa and her large, pretty bows. 5 bucks for one of her bows is a steal since they usually run between 8 to 20 bucks a piece. Last but not least, I picked up a huggable sleepy stuffed animal. It is very soft and plush and pretty flat so it is easy to cuddle with as they sleep. I got Vivian the grey cat one, but they also had a blue dolphin unicorn one, a black dog one, a yellow and a pink duck one, etc. The other things I picked out for Vivian is this adorable mermaid pillow from Target, these beautiful gold unicorn sandals by the Cat+Jack line at Target, a couple of eggs filled with slime - they were a dollar each at the dollar aisle of Target - and a Large Milk Chocolate Egg. I might even add some socks to her Easter basket. These critter socks are perfect for my animal-lover girl. This knee-high 2-pack is also super cute! 

Since I am Greek Orthodox, our Easter falls the following week - on April 28th. Since I am not ready yet, I will probably give Vivian her Easter basket on the 28th. But on April 21st - weather permitting - Vivian will do an Easter egg hunt. I will probably do around two dozen eggs for her this year (to find), most of which will be outside in our front yard and some will be hidden inside the house. Speaking of baskets, I am buying Viv a new, very pretty Easter basket at Target. I am eyeing this one with the Pastel Spring lining it is a very nice Easter basket for the price. And I hope my Target has it the day after Easter so I can get it for half-off. I have also seen this basket in person which is perfect for girls. It is quite big and very nice and it costs 15 bucks. They have a smaller version too which is ten bucks. This tutu-skirted pink basket is perfect for toddler girls or baby girls, too.

What are you all putting in your kids Easter baskets?!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Weekend Wants, April: Spring Dresses.

Spring is around the corner. I say around the corner because some days are still very cold here, like in the low 30s, this morning. Spring means pastel colors, blooming flowers, rain showers and pretty Dresses. Especially with Easter, Mother's Day and my own birthday around. In my latest edition of weekend wants, I am wishfully shopping for all Spring Dresses (and a few jumpsuits and rompers). I am spying a lot of radiant greens, pretty yellows and light pastel blues. Everything I chose is under 79 bucks and under, too. Check out the widget, below. Happy Shopping!!

Which of these pieces are some of your favorites?!

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Thursday Moda #162: Coral Me Striped!

Happy Hump Day! Writing this post late on Thursday Eve and posting this outfit from about 6 weeks ago when the white cold+watery stuff was still on the ground. As a matter of fact, it is supposed to snow here overnight but hey it will be in the 50s and 60s in the weekend, as often as Friday. So my guess is it won't stick. But Up North Michigan is supposed to get 12 to 15 inches. ...In mid April! Oh My!! Anyway, let's talk about this cute outfit in coral and stripes, shall we?!

"Living Coral" is Pantone's Color of the Year. Described by Pantone, this color is "an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge." In my words this color is bold, bright, vibrant, pretty, feminine and sexy. After all who doesn't want a touch of red, gold, pink and orange in their wardrobe, all mixed together for the perfect, brightest, prettiest coral?! I know I do. Just like this Very Pretty Ruffled, Long-Sleeve Blouse from last Spring. It is from the "A New Day" line at Target. Though it is the first time I am blogging it, I have also worn/paired it with black+white dressy cropped pants as well as both black skinny jeans and white skinny jeans. This gorgeous blouse has proved to look amazing both with black or white on the bottom so this time around I paired it with this Flattering Striped Ponte Pencil Skirt (it is from one of the online-only brands at I love the very flattering and unique way that the stripes go, in this skirt. Chico's currently has a similar one with the stripes facing the same way and it is between a midi and a maxi length. Plus it is on great sale! Since it was very cold I had to wear opaque tights of course. Hard to notice but mine have a little pattern going (they are by Loft). I am also wearing Open-Toe Strappy Booties also by Target. I love the seamless black monochromatic effect going on from the waist down. And these Acrylic Marbled Pink Heart Statement Earrings are by BaubleBar. These are my earrings but in a Blush Pink Marbled Style, they also come in white and they are currently more than half off. I also love this gorgeous pave pair and this tie-dye pink pair, both are very similar to mine in style and are also an acrylic material. Last but not least I love my Bright Fuchsia Lipstick. So Coral Me Striped because this pretty coral blouse looks great with the striped skirt! Don't you think?! How are you wearing Lively Coral - the color of the year?!

Thank you to everyone who linked up with me last week and for finding my third-in-a-row Thursday Moda outfit featuring windowpane pants, very elegant and chic! I was attracted to several looks with edgy styling and pops of the best colors for Spring - Pink and Coral. I also noticed lots of leather, fun flippy skirts, new ways to layer for Spring and many unique, fresh and fun ways to style some newer Spring pieces. Check out these ladies!!

The Featured Blogger this week is my very dear and super stylish friend SHELBEE from Shelbee on the Edge who has been my very dear friend, confidante and one of my very closest blogging friends for 3 years now. We have done over 30 collaborations together - on both of our blogs - and it is not the end of it. As a matter of fact, you will see her again for my annual Birthday Blog Party in the beginning of May. Shelbee linked three posts last week but I loved both of the outfits featured above and then I noticed they both had some of the same elements and styling: short skater skirts, mid-length boots, similar square same-size bags, fun hairdos (whether it is two fun pigtails or accessorized with a beret) and fabulous layering. Because Shelbee ALWAYS is the queen of layering, which is understandable since she lives in Northern New York and probably has snow 6-7 months of the year. She runs two very successful linkups (Tuesdays and Fridays), contributes to two other monthly-themed collabs with other bloggers and does a seasonal/quarterly collaboration with women of different-aged decades. She also does many fun specials, like her "Inspired By" Series where she styles an outfit inspired by a fellow blogger like she did with her funky, whimsical and edgy outfit featuring the fabulous cat hosiery and layering a knotted plaid shirt with a kick-ass but girly black leather skirt. But my favorite outfit she has ever worn so far in 2019 was the one in the fantastic layers of millennial pink and hunter green. Between the teddy coat, the paisley little skirt, the beautiful laceup bootie pumps and that French beret, I seriously don't know which piece I love the most. I originally left her a comment on this post as soon as I read it. ;-) In this post Shelbee also commented about her love for writing and let me tell you this woman is a fantastic writer. The way she words her posts inspires me! I read every single one of them. Speaking of words, I can write thousands about Shelbee but I will tell you one word, one adjective that describes her the best "REAL". You will never find a more real blogger! She is a mama bear on a real budget, with real problems, with real words - some of which happen to be metaphors. She has a beautiful soul, a kind heart, a sense of adventure which also shows in her clothing choices and her very unique style. You can't just use a few words to describe her style just like you need PLENTY of words to describe her as a person. She recently nominated me for "The Sunshine Award" (which I will answer the questions soon) and honestly her name was one of the top three I too wanted to nominate for the same award. I am sure you know her by now because this worldly, outspoken, fun, fabulous, big-smile, generous woman with a penchant for words, colors and fun styles is very much a presence in the blogging world and leaves the nicest comments, always! But if one of you doesn't know her yet -- please visit Shelbee's Blog and get to know this amazing woman. She is a survivor of depression and bipolar disorder, her favorite color is green and she happens to be a huge fan of my sweet girl Vivian. Oh and did you know her real name is Michelle?!

I love the light pink color of Tilden's blazer. She posted about 'Spring Blazers' she is currently loving.
I agree with my fashionista friend Nancy 'Accessories Make the Look!'. The unique placing of that wispy leopard scarf belted and all those gold-tone layers of bracelets and necklaces edgy up this sophisticated office-style look.
Laura is 'Jumping Into Spring' with a fun plaid jumper dress, crimson wine lips and the most stunning, unique, sexy white pumps. I want some white pumps, myself!
Jodie is 'Wearing Spring Colors Together' with a polished and very unique tweed blazer in the color of the year - Lively Coral. She rocks her black leather pants, too!
Never one to shy away from any style, print or trend, Ashley rocks her 'Scarf Print Dress + Snakeskin Boots' together. Love that she added a leather moto jacket.
Sublimely polished, Di shows an unique way to tie an oversized neck scarf. 'Red -A Color for All Seasons' indeed, red is always timeless and seasonless.

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