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Thursday Moda #224: THE BEST Olive Utility Dress.

THE  BEST  OLIVE  UTILITY  DRESS. This is hands-down the BEST Olive Green Utility Dress and it's by Target (from a couple of years ago) and I own it in another color too, like a wine or a magenta. It is made of a breezy, comfortable, breathable jersey material that almost doesn't wrinkle or it is very hard to wrinkle, which makes it perfect for hot Summer days. Furthermore, both this olive dress and its magenta sister will both be great colors to wear and transition into Fall. This dress like I said is made of the kind of jersey that rarely wrinkles; it was packed tight in my dresses' closet and it looks as if you just ironed it. Also this dress has a real drawstring waist which makes it very comfortable and it has pockets! All dresses with pockets are the best, don't you agree?! I am wearing my regular size Small. I wore it a few weeks ago on a Saturday to visit my cousins who became parents for the second time and are now proud parents to a new, healthy baby boy! To v…

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