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Thursday Moda #256: Transitioning into Spring with a Blazer.

Call this the week of the blazers here on the blog. First the Glen Plaid Blazer on my  Stylish Monday  post and today this Tweed Blazer. What's good about a blazer in a pattern like glen plaid, herringbone or tweed is that they are very neutral, classic, timeless and always chic. Plus, they are great to transition into Spring. And for the small percentage of you who are working in an actual office building now, they make a great business staple. It is easy to transition into Spring with a blazer, and if it is a classic blazer in a classic print, color or pattern it is even easier, just like my tweed blazer. Plus a blazer like this can go from a totally casual outfit, a business casual outfit like mine or a totally business office look. The rest of your outfit can be colorful, paired with a blazer like this. Though I opted for one big pop of color: mustard yellow. I love the little ruffle trim on this v-neck long sleeve blouse by Loft. My gorgeous tweed blazer is by Loft, also. I pa

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