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Stylish Monday, April 2021: Everyday Luxe.

The ladies of the Stylish Monday chose "Everyday Luxe" for today's style theme. The word luxe is defined as "expensive and high quality, luxurious". Now. does that mean you have to wear expensive luxurious clothes every day?! Does it mean you have to wear high end designers and great quality items every day?! Not quite. But I do think in a woman's wardrobe should be some classic, timeless pieces you should invest in. Let's take shoes for example. 5 styles of well-made shoes you should invest in as a woman and that you should own (that might even be a little pricey) are: a pair of black pumps, a pair of crisp white leather sneakers - the kind you could even wear with a little dress, a pair of leopard ballerinas (like the flats I am wearing today) because they will go with everything, a pair of nude pumps and a pair of nice training or running shoes that are comfortable, fit well and are made to last. So yes, when it comes to everyday luxe I think you can

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