Thursday Moda #218: Americana Blue Denim.

And just like that June is over and we are officially half-way through 2020 - better that way. And I never say that about any year, but this is not just any year. This is 2020 and it came with a bang: a world pandemic, unjust killings from the hands of cops, protests, racism, conspiracy theories, huge unemployment, quarantine, home schooling for the entire nation - you name it! But I am sure for a lot of us this has been a great year too, at least on a personal level. I know for me this year - the year I turned 40 - will be a year I will never, ever forget. As if?! With June ending and this being the 4th of July week, I figured I would start wearing some 4th of July-inspired Americana Looks. Starting with this one I wore on Tuesday this week...
AMERICANA  BLUE  DENIM.  And you know what says Summer Americana in a very patriotic yet subtle way?! Blue Denim bottoms paired with white+red stripes that say "Summer on My Mind". My adorable button-front denim skirt which is classic a…

Inside the Marrow of Our Bones - Poetry.

A very intense title for a poem, wouldn't you say?! But "Inside the Marrow of Our Bones" is the title of a love poem and love my friends can be very intense, in the best ways possible and in the worst ways possible, too. Wouldn't you say so?! Even more so if it is a second love, a third love, a second marriage perhaps?! Just like the person who rises up from a failed relationship that ruined him or her in some ways, or from a failed marriage that broke their wings and cause them tears for days, weeks, months, ...a new love can rise up too! A new love can be planted inside that broken heart once again and start blooming, healing, blossoming and forgiving! A new love that doesn't make anyone entitled, neither does it make any of the two partners indebted. But it rather makes them feel grateful, blessed and happy, purely happy and joyful... Read on!

INSIDE  THE  MARROW  OF  OUR  BONES. [9.30 P.M. Eastern Time, June 30th 2020.]
We grow and we glow as we fall in love, we c…

Vivian Chasing Rainbows.

Vivian loves rainbows. If you ask her what her favorite colors are, she will tell you: Pink, Purple, Blue, Gold, Ombre and Rainbow. But (she adds) "Rainbow is the best of them all!" She is 100% my daughter because I LOVE COLORS. Though I love my neutrals too. And what better time for her to wear rainbows that during this month of June which is the LBTGQ month. So, among other rainbow clothes, my little girl wore not one but two Rainbow Graphic Tees (both paired with shorts) two days in a row, complete with colorful JoJo Siwa Shoes (summery slides and a pair of high-top sneakers) and fun girly hairstyles. Vivian also loves JoJo and we all know JoJo Siwa is a girl who loves rainbows.
But let's focus on the month of June for a little bit and what it means to support the LBTGQ community.As a mother, I believe since an early age, we moms (and dads too) have to teach our children to be accepting of anyone and everyone: white, brown, black, disabled, different, straight, gay, tr…

Thursday Moda #217: What to Wear to a Summer Wedding.

I have never, ever shied away from a red dress, especially for a special occasion, even more so for a wedding. As I was looking through photos before I started writing this post, I saw that I have worn Little Red Dresses to 4 weddings: 3 Summer Weddings and 1 Winter/Holiday Wedding. Today I did it again - both Vivian and I - we wore+styled Beautiful Red Dresses to a Summer Wedding, for a June 2020 Wedding to be exact - thankfully weddings can be held again in most states as long as the capacity is small and all the proper rules are followed. And once again, for this Summer look post, I invited my mama friend MIREILLE from Chez Mireille for the third week in a row, to co-host Thursday Moda with me. Plus, I have been doing these "What to Wear to a (Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring) Wedding" collaboration posts since 6 years ago with other blogging friends and I miss them. Coming back from our "Ravishing Red for Summer" post, I think this post came at the right time since I …