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Stripes, Khaki and Blogger Inspirations.

Hello Ladies. Today I am doing something I rarely do: post an Outfit I have currently on. That's right, this is today's outfit that I am wearing in real life. I wore this outfit picking up Vivian from daycare, running to the bakery, having a cup of machiatto and I plan on wearing it to the class I teach this evening as well. I wanted to get this Outfit in, so I could join Whitney's Link-up. She and Alex have been doing a challenge on Friday's where they each wear an Outfit and the following week, one of them takes an item or element from this outfit and puts it into their own outfit. Like a Take One, Pass it On. Last weekend they decided for all of us to join in, so they created a Fun Link-up. 
I absolutely loved Whitney's Outfit from the previous week and even told her it is one of my favorites she has ever worn. Of course it is, since I love stripes and scarves. So, the item I am passing on from Whitney's Outfit into my own is the Black+White Striped Tee. But…