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Long Time No See and I am Wearing Pink!!

So I give you guys props, lots and lots of props. How do you possibly find time every day in your life to keep up a beautiful, healthy, daily blog, with a few paragraphs and photos to back up? I applaud even more, those of you who post other special posts such as ones on shopping, pinterest, outfits you are currently liking in stores, diet, exercise, food recipes, etc. I have barely had time to dress myself and eat in this last week and a half to two weeks.

As of Wednesday January 11th, I officially started my first day of work and joined the work force here in Albania. I am surrounded by Culture, Books and Education at my job. I have my own office and I was even provided with a company cell-phone and a company e-mail address. Needless to say I do love it, though it is quite different from what I have ever done before. I don't want to jinx myself but I must say for the time being I am happy there despite my long work days. It takes me an hour to an hour and 15 minutes to get there…