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Making a Legacy - Poem.

Let this new poem I just wrote be some food for thought. If you are having a bad day, feel bad about something, feel like you don't measure up, if you 'compare' yourself and your life to others and don't measure up (and you shouldn't compare), if the weather is lousy and grey where you live, if you are feeling sick, if your kids are being little devils, if you are having the worst day ever (or if it feels like it is), let this poem be a positive hymn for you all. We all have so much life to live and legacies to make and continue making. Right?! Read on!!

MAKING  A  LEGACY. [7.25 A.M., June 26th 2019.]

It has been a difficult year, but the sunshine is on its way, open up your blinds just a little bit, let the sun and the sky come to you as they may...
Wake up and open those beautiful eyes, make yourself a pot of fresh hot coffee, don't be discouraged, be brave, there is so much amazingness ahead of you,                                                   just believe!
Take a …