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Thursday Moda #124: Skirtmas in July Collaboration, Day 8: Colorful Pencil Skirts.

"There is BEAUTY all around us!! There is GREATNESS offered by Mother Nature every day!! There is a perfect 75° SUNNY DAY after a thunderstormy, rainy day!! There are THINGS & PEOPLE to be Thankful for every moment of each day!! There is a WONDERFUL DAY OFF tucked in between two 10-hour days of work!! There are SMILES hiding behind the headaches from the previous night when you couldn't fall asleep!! ...And this Tuesday evening captured through this mini album (some of these photos were taken less than 5 minutes ago) reminds me of all of the above. My Monday was hectic but I killed it on a Tuesday, in 5-inch heels nevertheless... and tomorrow is hump day, so keep on living and loving life because there are REASONS to do so every day!! 😍💖👍" I posted those words on my latest Instagram post where I added a snipped/10 photo collage of some of our photos from Tuesday night July 17th - the same evening today's photos and outfits were worn to, downtown Milford, Michi…