Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Black Silk Tunic, Pink Rose Leggings and Announcing a Themed Budget Week Collaboration.

I am not one to shop a lot at super expensive stores. For example I know J.Crew is very very popular among bloggers and non-bloggers but it is always over-priced and not all of their clothing is great in my opinion, though I like the majority of it. With that said I only have a few pieces from them. There are other stores that are pretty expensive from which I own a lot of clothes such as Banana Republic, White House Black Market and Bebe. I have a lot of Pencil Skirts, Beautiful Dresses, Silk Blouses, Nice Leather Shoes and Nice Handbags from these stores. OK, so where I am going with all of this? I have purchased everything on sale, huge clearance, final sale and with a coupon most times. Yes, you can have great, classic pieces, silhouettes and fabrics in your closet without having to spend a week's worth of your paycheck (if not more) on an entire outfit.

Take today's Outfit for example. I am wearing a Beautiful Silk Chiffon Tunic Blouse that was originally priced at $88 but I was able to pay about $32 for it including the sales tax. My Real Leather Loafers costed around $60 but I got them for $20. The Trendy Floral Leggings were around 10 bucks. And as far as my Bracelets, the Blue+Silver Beaded one was a gift and the Magenta one was 5 bucks. So, without counting my real jewelry (the heart necklace and wedding/engagement rings which was all gifted anyway) this Outfit came at $66 which is $22 less than the amount of that top alone (at original price). And that's how I do it my friends and fellow bloggers. Speaking of deals and outfits that cost just as much as the one I had on today, next week Monday through Friday, the Lovely Maria of Not Fancy Just Life and I are pairing up to show you 5 Summer Trends, creating head-to-toe looks that cost $75 or less. She is the ultimate bargain shopper who always looks put-together whether for work or on weekends. We are having an open link up all week as well from July 14th until the 23rd so please join us, if you like. I am sure you love deals too. Let me know your tricks and tips?

Today's Outfit was worn on one of our cooler late afternoons/evenings here in late June, when I went out for our evening walk with Vivian. That's why we are dressed up a little bit warmer than usual. Since the Floral Hot Pink/Magenta Leggings were the Statement piece I kept things simple with the Black on top. I did match with a Bracelet, Loafers and Lipstick in complimentary Pink Colors, though. Vivian has now learned to jump on top of her stroller. The curious little cat that she is, of course she has to touch everything inside the bag hanging down her stroller. I had to capture her in the motion. I was afraid she would fall down so I was staying by very close but then she helped herself with her hands bending down, then turning around in a sitting position and getting off the stroller. My smart cookie looking out for her butt lol.
Vivian aware that I am capturing her picture. Hahaha.
Love this one. She loves touching and caressing me on my face. Little Sweetie!
Black, 100% Silk (Chiffon & Charmeuse), Elbow-Sleeve Tunic Blouse w/ Pleats on the Front: White House Black Market (similar, best deal, love this), (similar by WHBM, great deal), (similar in navy by WHBM, great deal, love this).
Burgundy Leggings w/ Hot Pink Roses/Wide Flowers' Print: Terra Nova (very similar, great deal), (similar, best deal, love these), (similar, great deal).
Real Gold, Dainty, Twisted Chain Necklace w/ Heart Pendant: Lord & Taylor (Gift from Mom & Dad) (very similar, great deal), (very similar), (similar heart locket necklace, best deal, love this).
Magenta/Fuchsia, Stretchy, Triangle+Small Circle Beaded Bracelet: American Fashion & Jewelry (New) (similar w/oval stones, love this), (wrap style in leather, on sale, love this).
Blue & Silver, Stretchy, Rhinestone BraceletGifted from a Girlfriend (similar, great deal, love this), (similar, on sale).

Vivian's Outfit:
Red+White, Minnie Mousse, Ruffled Spaghetti Strap Dress w/built-in White Tee (part of a 2-piece set): Disney Kids.
Red Cropped Leggings w/ White Herts (part of the set w/ the Minnie Mousse Dress): Disney Kids.
Red+White Dotted Minnie Mousse Hair Clips: Disney Kids.
Navy, Patent Leather Shoes: Bacci Bimbi.

Last but not least I wanted to share Maria's OOTD because I loved it very much. It is the epitome of Cool Casual Summer. You can never go wrong with a Black+White Striped Maxi with a Chambray knotted over it. The Statement Necklace makes it even better. Looking forward to see what Maria has in store with me, next week. =)

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