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Thursday Moda #40: Dresses for Dressember, with Sarah.

First of all, my heart goes out to the citizens of Tennessee for the wildfires they have been having, especially the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives. So tragic.
On a fashion note, it is week 40 of the Thursday Moda and I am introducing a December made mostly of dresses (I am shooting to wear and post a minimum of 20, hopefully 25 dresses), like I mentioned on my other dress post, this week. My blogging friend and today's co host SARAH from My Bows & Clothes actually introduced me to it last year, when she did an entire month of Dressember December which is a great cause by the way. It was fitting that Sarah would be my first co-host for the month of December. We both styled dresses for warm-ish Winter days (bare legs and all). I noticed both of our outfits are pretty dressy yet somewhat casual. The lace hem on Sarah's LBD is wonderful. I love that she paired it with hot pink and turquoise - they both pop! Sarah's life+style blog is as lovely as her…