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Red Dots Romance.

Welcome to the second week of February which also happens to be Valentine's Week. What are your plans for Valentine's day/weekend? On Friday and Saturday actually, I will be going with Vivian to a couple of birthday parties. A first and a second Birthday on the 13th and on the 14th respectively. It should be fun. I might do something low-key and simple like a romantic lunch at home with my husband, on Sunday. This week, my outfits will have little winks to Valentine's day, like some red, some pink, some burgundy or some girly elements.
...Like this Outfit which I am titling "Red Dots Romance". This would be perfect for a Valentine's Dinner Date. It is Dressy yet still Pretty Casual because not everyone wants to be in a Cocktail Dress. And to be honest with you it is freezing here this week. It is supposed to be one of our coldest weeks for the Winter. I am still keeping warm with these Velvet B+W Polka Dot Tights, a Red Sequined Sweater featuring a peek-a-boo …