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Take One, Pass It On - Mom Wear to Work Wear.

Happy Monday - the first one of this month. Happy November Everybody!!
Today's post is once again about remixing my closet. I am doing both a "Take One, Pass It On" as well as a "Mom Wear to Work Wear" combined post. I took a Baby Pink Tee from the first outfit and passed it on to the second, then I took my Plaid Shirt from the second outfit and passed it on to the third. The first Outfits are very Casual Mom (running around) Looks and the third Outfit is what I wore for Work. Since we had some warmer Fall days I decided to take out a pair of my Shorts, for a spin one last time, and paired them with my Olive Utility Jacket (worn for the first time this Fall). I also wore one of my Plaid Shirts which I thrifted this Fall. And these Outfits were worn the third week of October for Breast Cancer Month, so sorry to bring more Pink your way. I wasn't able to post these during October, but here they are now. The first 2 Outfits are OK, nothing special, just me on m…