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Let's Start Over!!! =)

Hi, how are you all Fashionistas?! How is the Holiday Season going so far, for you? What do you have planned for Christmas and New Year's?!

So Hi once again, I am Ada, nice to meet you all guys. This is my blog, I am Elegance Personified and I have had this blog for over a year and a half now but I don't think it ever truly gotten started. Blame it on time and dedication, especially the first one. As much as I love Fashion and as much as I and others consider me stylish, I never had as much time, not even weekly, let alone daily to post several outfits, comment on them, detail them, etc, etc. - things usual, dedicated, passionate, stylish and successful bloggers too. The time was never right and every thing happens for a reason.

When 2011 started both my husband and I knew our lives were about to change in a huge, huge way and did they ever. Towards February it was him that moved to the capital of Albania - Tirana (where he is from) to work and to later make a living and live l…