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The Critics' Choice Awards 2016.

I know this weekend were the Sag Awards (which I missed because I thought they were on Sunday Jan 31st), but a couple of weeks ago the Critics Choice Awards were held and those I did watch. In general, I was underwhelmed both by the show and by the fashions, but still there were some pretty gowns and some not-so-pretty ones. Some women wore pants and separates too. The colors of the year: Rose Quartz especially and Serenity made several appearances on this big night (as you will see below) but also last year's color Marsala made a comeback as shown by Krysten Ritter and Rachel MacAdams (not pictured). In general though either pale colors or black were what the stars mostly wore: no bright yellow, red, cobalt, or hot pink. Of course, my favorite moment of the night was Leo DiCaprio winning. He accepted his award life from London, England where he was to promote his movie "The Renevant". I will cover the SAG Awards next week but today let's talk Critics' Choice Awa…