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Throwback Tuesday: Floral Dresses and Girls Night on the Patio.

Hi you all. Remember me?! I came back from vacation today. I got to relax after a long and honestly stressful drive, took a nap, and now 'decided' it is time to blog again. I have noticed how for the last 3 Summers or so, so many of my Summer Outfits never make it on to the blog, especially ones shot during Vacation. As a matter of fact these photos date as back as August 2016, three years ago to be exact, you can tell by how tiny my 3 and a half year old Vivian looks. She is still super adorable and as tiny as she was, this little girl is ALWAYS full of sass and personality. You can always see it through her pictures and poses. My little not-so-shiny girl has always liked to pose! LOL These photos and memories are during the time when my sister-in-law from Albania (her aunt) visited us here in Michigan and spent her Summer Vacation, here. So let's do a Throwback Tuesday post, shall we?! I think there will be more of these for the following few weeks till we really say Goo…