Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Throwback Tuesday: Floral Dresses and Girls Night on the Patio.

Hi you all. Remember me?! I came back from vacation today. I got to relax after a long and honestly stressful drive, took a nap, and now 'decided' it is time to blog again. I have noticed how for the last 3 Summers or so, so many of my Summer Outfits never make it on to the blog, especially ones shot during Vacation. As a matter of fact these photos date as back as August 2016, three years ago to be exact, you can tell by how tiny my 3 and a half year old Vivian looks. She is still super adorable and as tiny as she was, this little girl is ALWAYS full of sass and personality. You can always see it through her pictures and poses. My little not-so-shiny girl has always liked to pose! LOL These photos and memories are during the time when my sister-in-law from Albania (her aunt) visited us here in Michigan and spent her Summer Vacation, here. So let's do a Throwback Tuesday post, shall we?! I think there will be more of these for the following few weeks till we really say Goodbye to Summer.

In the summertime I like (even more) Girls Nights, especially on the Patio. Lucky for us there are a lot of bars and restaurants that have beautiful outdoor sitting and offer great food and drinks. Bar Louis where I went with my sister in law and with my first cousin Gloria, is one of them. First of all, Vivian did not come out to our little Dinner+Drinks Girls Night Out. But she did want some photos with her mommy and auntie before we left.  But let's talk about our patio dinner for a minute. Look at those yummy drinks. You can never go wrong with a Mojito or a Cucumber Martini in the summertime and Bar Louis makes great cocktails, they also have very yummy food (I especially love their appetizers, Mac+Cheese and their salads), and for all you beer drinkers, they have a huge variety of draft and craft beers, both domestic and imported. I ended up wearing my favorite style of dress that Old Navy has been coming up with every Summer it seems: their Fit+Flare Cami Dress. The one I wore for our night out is my first dress in this style (I think I own 5 now). I love the camouflage-like floral print. I love the olive green, lime, navy and maroon tones on the dress. My sister-in-law and I were a little color coordinated too between all the Earthy shades, and it wasn't planned. Our Crossbody Saddle Bags were similar too. I ended up pairing my dress with pops of blue (different shades of blue from sky blue to midnight blue) by pairing it with a Gorgeous Crystal Statement Necklace, Pearl Drop Earrings and some Cute Matchy Bracelets. I also wore Real Genuine Leather Olive Green Wedge Sandals by Banana Republic that I have owned for years. Wish I could have done a little more in the makeup area though lol.  Currently Old Navy has 3 or 4 prints on these Floral Camisole Fit+Flare Dresses I am wearing. I linked the Gorgeous Bold Red Floral and the Demure Cobalt Blue Floral below, on my shopping widget. What do you think?! Do you own any of these Camisole-Style Fit+Flare Dresses from Old Navy?! They are truly flattering and beautiful.

The next day Vivian herself wore a very pretty floral dress. I love this Beautiful Pink/Fuchsia/Mint/White Floral Dress with the pattern mixing (the straps and bottom hem are in a Striped Seersucker Pattern). This pretty dress is from Gymboree - I will miss that store, I loved shopping there for Vivian - and my cutie pie accessorized it with a Pretty Cupcake-Print Pink Bow, 2 Bracelets on each hand, Neon Pink Sunglasses and decided to do a little Cute Girl Sporty Look with those Beautiful Black+Pink Nikes. She loved showing off her pretty manicure too. She looks so sassy, girly and adorable in this outfit, don't you think?! Looking back three years later, Vivian has grown up so much! 

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