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Third Thursday Thoughts: Instagram, Blogging and Social Media.

Happy weekend you all! I am having a hard time believing how half of 2017 is already pretty much gone. How is it June 15th already?! June was a very fast wind so far and it makes me think that Summer will be over before we know it. To tell you the truth I have so many things in my mind and I could write a 20.000 word blog post here but A] who has time for that (I don't have time to write it and neither do you have time to read it lol) and B] I am just going to get to the gist of my thoughts. So since it is the third Thursday of the month, here is a brain dump.

- For months now I have tried to improve my Instagram. I have been pretty good with posting about everyday life (mostly) as well as sometimes products or things I am loving, wearing, eating, buying, shopping for etc. on my Instagram stories but have fallen very behind with my Instagram posting due to the fact that I am always so busy and when I am not working my job, I am being a mom, cleaning, cooking, spending time with Viv…