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Thursday Moda #24 and Vacation-Dressed Beauties.

Welcome to another linkup week and my favorite Moda/Style/Fashion day of the week. I have been very very much MIA but I have a good reason, which I explained here. Today I am back with another Vacation OOTD (from our vacation a month ago), featuring two Lovely Dresses worn by my sweet Viv and I. I have been meaning to post these photos at least two weeks ago, but such is life. Better late than never I guess. What I love about these Dresses is that they can be dressed up, dressed down or in between - like Viv and I have done here. In case you are wondering the location of these photos is in some areas down-town Saint Joseph Michigan: the Carousel which Vivian loved and we took her in every night, the gorgeous water fountain, down-town Main Street by some of the shops and restaurants (where the beautiful Art Frogs and Bees were located, which Vivian loved kissing on the lips and sitting on) and some beautiful sculptures.
I got this dress right before our vacation at It is fro…