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Gray OTK Boots - 2 Casual Ways.

This is the third Winter I have had/am wearing these Taupe-ish/Gray Over-the-Knee Boots. Over the last couple of weeks, for some casual mid-week daily stuff, I wore them to run errands, pick up Vivian from daycare, etc. Neither of these are work Outfits, just "Mom-on-the-go" type of Outfits. Coincidentally, both times I paired these OTK Boots with Denim (Chambray Shirt for the first outfit + Acid-wash Jeans for the second outfit). I also, wore my Black Turtleneck both times and even carried the same Red+White Purse. Well that happens, since I am all about remixing my closet. Let's look at each outfit in more detailing.
I hadn't worn this Mini Skirt from E.L.S. in all the months I have had it (since early Summer). It is definitely a Light, Summery material but with some Thick Gray Tights creating a Monochrome effect with the OTK Boots, it worked. The Mini looks more modest this way, also. I layered my Anchor-Print Chambray over my Black Turtleneck and added my Lariat…