Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jeans, T-Shirt + Cardigan = Simplicity Chic.

Despite having my husband at home on weekends (so he can also help with Vivian & usually my Mother-in-Law does too), I find it harder to blog on Saturdays & Sundays. It is also usually on these days when I seem to do most of my cleaning, do the dishes and catch up on my laundry especially folding clothes in what seems to be like never-ending piles of laundry. Take today for example. When I found out it was 7.30 PM I wondered how the day went by so quickly. We woke up real early and by 9.00 AM Vivian and I went out for her morning stroller/fresh air time and my morning walk/coffee. Then I got home & proceeded with doing dishes & getting some stuff done while she was over My Husband's Parents' House. I prepared lunch for the 2 of us, we ate lunch, I then swept & mopped while Vivian was sleeping. Then she woke up, I got her changed, cleaned & fed and then the 3 of us went out again (for a longer walk this time). The next thing I know it is after 7.00  PM. What about you? Does it seem like weekends go by faster even if you are off from work or the office or am I the only one who thinks that?

Today's Outfit is super Simple: Jeans, a T-Shirt (albeit a very cute one) & a Cardigan (a Bright Red however). I added my Oxblood!! Patent Leather Loafers (yep I said Oxblood instead of Burgundy LOL). The only thing adorning me is a Bracelet featuring Navy, Silver, Red & Baby Blue Square Glass Beads. This is the Beautiful Graphic Tee I wore on My Pregnancy Photo Shoot. I love this T-Shirt. I hadn't worn it since the shoot. And I am noticing the Baby's Onesie has Red Sleeves while the front part is White (Graphic like my T-Shirt too) and she is wearing Baby Blue Leggings, totally matching me, though I swear this time wasn't on purpose. This was worn during an Evening which was a little on the Cooler side & Rainy.

Here is wishing you all a Great Weekend!! Thanks for Reading, Ada. =)

Tomato-Red, 3/4-Sleeve, Light Cardigan: The Limited.
"French Cafe" Graphic, White Tee: White House Black Market.
Light Blue, Slim Bootcut Jeans: American Eagle.
Mustard, Leather, Braided, Skinny Belt: The Limited.
Silver Cuff w/ Floating Navy, Silver, Red & Baby Blue, Cube Glass Beads: Random Boutique.
Faux Gold Ring w/ Semi-Precious Red-Coral, Square Stone: Banana Republic.
Patent Leather, Burgundy, Round-Toe Loafers: Micci's.
Vivian's Outfit:
White, Graphic-Print Onesie w/ Red, Long Sleeves: Winnie the Pooh (a Children's Boutique).
Baby Blue, Stretchy Cotton Leggings: Falls Creek Baby.
Baby Blue, Plastic Hair Clip w/ a Sparkly Rhinestone: Viggos.
White, Chiffon, Bow Headband w/ Black Polka Dots on the Bow: Viggos.
White, Yellow & Hot Pink, Knit Boots w/ Multi-colored Polka Dots: Carter's.

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