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Lovely Autumnish Grays.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Fabulous Fashionistas!! Did any of you shopped on the biggest shopping day in US - Black Friday? Is anyone of you doing any browsing, shopping or picking up Holiday gifts at any websites today for Cyber Monday? Well, I am a huge shopper as it is but I worked for about 16 hours on Black Friday and one of my jobs is in sales and retail so you can imagine how freaking busy my day was!? However, during a quick half an hour lunch I managed to pick up some lovely things at The Limited (a store I always love), which had an whole day of 40% off sale, so I beat the crowds and got the same deals at 7.30 P.M.! Ain't that beautiful? I got a beautiful beaded Jodi Arnold dress which was originally about 130$ and I paid less than 30$ for, a couple of sweaters, a pair of trousers, a cute blouse with a bow, 3 new headbands and a Kimono-inspired wrap, black dress with short sleeves. So much about relaxing, eating and actually chilling during a few solid minutes I had off …