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Red Turtleneck Sweater.

I had a million things to do on Tuesday on a day off from work. I realized it when I looked at my planner that  maybe not all of it would get done and I was right. About 40% of them got done. Due to a very busy day, I wasn't able to get this post in, either. Keeping it real here. One of these days I will have an entire week of outfits planned ahead. Then I will feel like a real blogger, lol. I wore this Outfit to work last weekend. Just a little red and black to brighten up a Saturday morning meeting (don't you hate those?) Vivian told me I looked so pretty. I know she loves red but she especially loves when mamma wears red lipstick and when I apply it, I have to put some on her lips as well. This Red Turtleneck Sweater is definitely a Statement piece. It is from the Forenza line at The Limited, from a few years ago. It is in a nice thick ribbed pattern and the chunky neckline makes it more modern. I paired it with my New Black Trousers who are currently my Favorite Black Pant…