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Stripes and Boho Vibes.

What do you do when the snow starts melting but you still have a little cold lingering around? You wear one of your five poncho wraps instead of a coat and still layer by adding a very warm knitted wool scarf around your neck. And for this outfit I tried showing off some cute socks worn inside booties. I rolled up my skinny jeans and voila - pretty rainbow stripes. Matching the stripes of the socks to the stripes of my poncho wasn't done on purpose. However, matching the stripes of the poncho to all the other colors of the outfit was done on purpose. Overall, this has a Bohemian, Winter Festival, 70s vibe to it and I think I will try pretty socks again, peeking through from the top of my boots. What do you think? Have you ever shown your socks on purpose, while wearing a casual outfit?
I took a couple of pictures without all the heavy layers to show you my purple buffalo plaid tunic. Plus I was wearing some pretty earrings. Purple+Gray Buffalo Plaid Tunic Button-Down Shirt:JC Penn…