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Saturday is for Vivian: 15 Months Update.

This picture is taken today on April 19th, a day before Easter, the day Vivian turned 15 months. Don't let the Outfit fool you. It is cold, rainy and Wintery around here. 
Today My Beautiful Princess turns 15 months old. A year and a quarter has already passed by since she was born and time has gone by way too fast. She was born on a cold, rainy, Wintery Saturday and today is also a cold, rainy, Wintery Saturday though it is April 19th, not January 19th. I figured I would give you guys a little update on all things Vivian, all her main changes and growth between 12-15 months. Caution, this post will be long and filled with many pictures. But I think that's just might be the thing to read during a Holiday Weekend. So Thanks so much for reading. Hope her sweet demeanor brings lots of Smiles to your faces. =) And Happy Saturday before Easter!!

First, some pictures from today, before taking Vivian to day-care, this morning. Today I am 15 months old.
I now walk on my own.
I have 6 teeth…