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Vests, Fall Trends and 2 IT Colors for Fall 2014.

I have heard of the crazy cold weather almost all the US states (including gorgeous Hawaii, even) are currently having and all the snow too. That has not been the case in my Mediterranean side of the world. Actually we have had a pretty mild October and November. I haven't even switched out most of my closet from Summer yet. I do however, leave out (always in my closet) some pieces that can work for mild cool weather like light sweaters, a few vests, some jeans, some pants, button-down shirts and some vests. So, the Outfits today are how I have been layering lately for a weekend day or two. They both have something in common: a Vest. Though the first is a Sweater Vest and the second is a Puffer Vest. What else they have in common is that they feature two of the Hottest Colors for this Fall - Royal Blue (first outfit) and Cognac (second outfit), so I am linking up for the 3rd Day of Pantone with Royal Blue and the last day which will be Cognac (tomorrow).
So, first things first - I…