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Mom Wear to Work Wear: Black+White Geometric Shift.

Here it is (a month late) - my 4th edition of "Mom Wear to Work Wear". A few weeks ago I decided to show you a pair of Stylish and ever-so-versatile Black Shorts from a Daytime Dressy Look to an Evening Dressy Look, instead of a regular "Mom to Work" post. Then, last Monday, I wasn't able to get the "Mom Wear to Work Wear" post ready on time, but despite me not being able to post daily, you have seen many remix posts on my blog, this month, this being the latest. And here are some snippets from our Beach Mini Getaway, also. In an effort to wear clothes I have owned for a long time and especially clothes that have been neglected for quite long, I wore and remixed this Black+White Graphic Print two days in a row. I first wore the Work Look for an informal work interview with a recruiting agency and then the next day, I wore the Dress during the daytime, drinking coffee and running errands with Vivian besides me.
I remember wearing this Stretchy Silk Dre…