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Thursday Moda #64: Pink Palm Print, Off-Shoulder Dress.

Happy almost Thursday! How has your week been?! Mine has been very busy, that is why my lack of posts. I meant to post yesterday early morning and once again today morning, plus my usual Thursday Moda morning post every Thursday. But here I am two posts short so far this week, however I did get a lot of stuff done, organized and clean yesterday and today on my days off, too. So yeah that happened. Plus it has been extremely hot and humid and mosquito-filled here the last couple of days so spending them inside was best. Now let's get to the reason you are all here for - fashion, duhh! BTW, I wore this dress a couple of days ago when it started getting to the 80s, here.
You guys know how much I love bright colors and neon colors. This dress besides having two favorite girly colors of mine: red and pink, hits so many current trends - off shoulder style (though I wore it on the shoulder this time around), ruffled hem and palm prints. I decided to go for it and add more trends in my sty…