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Currently, August 2017.

July flew by guys and we are technically more than half-way through this year. Several schools start back in August and so many stores gave brought out their Fall merchandise already (hello Nordstrom Anniversary Sale). I have also seen (for 3 weeks now) several of you bloggers style your new or old favorite Fall items already. While we have had quite a bit of rain and cool or chilly days these Summer, we have also had plenty of 80+ degree weather and I am sorry but no Fall clothing for this girl. I will probably show you guys the first Fall-inspired outfit sometime after August 15th. I am a style blogger after all, and we have to be ahead of the season. I am sick and tired of people saying Farewell to Summer though. September is mostly Summery too so no Summer ain't over - I refuse to believe so, at least lol.

Once again, I am linking up with ANNE of Anne In Residence and her co-host for today SHEA from Shea Lennon for the monthly Currently linkup. These two mom bloggers are two of…