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Albania's Independence in Red and Black!!

HAPPY 100 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE, ALBANIA!! Let me start this post today by wishing all Albanians in the world and My Home Country of Albania, A Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Prosperous and Beautiful Birthday and may we celebrate 10000 more anniversaries like this! (This is our Flag, simple but beautiful, I think.) (Google even dedicated a Doodle for us in Our Honor, Today. I am not sure if you can see it from USA if you go to, but it is definitely visible in Europe.) Even-though we are one of the oldest countries in the world, we have been through a lot, including too many wars. Only on November 28th 1912, one of the Heroes of Our Country named Ismail Qemali (or known to the people as Ismail Bej Vlora), signed the Declaration of Independence and Waived Our Red & Black Flag for the world to see, over a balcony, surrounded by other leaders and overlooking the thousands of people gathered for this event, in Vlora - Albania. So the city of Vlora is known for one of our country…