Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thursday Moda #181: Bikini Style, Summer 2019.

I am very much aware that my body is not in a great shape. As a matter of fact, it is the opposite. This is the biggest and the heaviest I have ever been. You can see cellulite, fat and lines in unwanted places, love handles, hips and not a flat tummy. But there is something so powerful and brave about posting photos of yourself in a swimsuit, let alone a two-piece bikini. There are many lessons to be told and to be learned here: love your body, love the skin you are in, accept who you are physically, embrace your physical flaws and do not be so hard in yourself. I promise you there are NO PERFECT BODIES. The most beautiful models in the world with the right height, weight and curves even have 'body issues" - I put that in quotation marks because they are non-existent or very minor. My point is, especially in this very vane social media world we live in, these days, no two women are the same, their bodies are not the same, their bodies are flawed and imperfect but beautiful and sexy nevertheless. Our bodies are still desirable and wanted. Trust me when I say, there is a man for every body out there. 

I have never before reached 140 lbs. or more (not even when I was pregnant with Vivian), but here I am at this weight currently, yet I am sharing my weight and my own body struggles with you. I find this post - complete with untouched photos, as far as weight goes - powerful and even better-suited for today because starting today, for a week straight, I will maintain a carb-free, dessert-free diet, which means no bread, no pasta, no potatoes and no sweets. Now the pasta, potatoes and dessert thing I can do. But it is the bread, it is the yummy bread that gets me all the time. It is the bread which has added pounds to my frame and made me fatter and honestly I do not always feel comfortable in my skin. But truth be told, I am only a size 6 which is between a small and a medium, most women in America average a size 10 or 12. Take a peak below at my...

Despite my body issues and not being a stick-thin body, I have still worn some two-piece bikinis this year, besides my one-piece swimsuits. I love the one above in a mosaic floral magenta purple styled with a Fun Baby Pink Tulle Rose Crown. If I am not wearing a crown or a hair scarf, I usually accessorize my head with a hat. You have to keep the sun away from the face and I feel like sunscreen is not enough, though please apply a face cream with SPF on it, at least a 20 SPF face cream and don't forget to apply sunscreen lotion all over your body too. I also accessorize my swimwear style with colorful little beaded bracelets and bangles, colorful earrings or statement earrings and sometimes fun beachy colorful rings or a cocktail ring. Coral or Turquoise Stones are great stones to wear during the summertime, especially on vacation near a beach. Of course, I go makeup-free though sometimes I apply a nude or light pink lipgloss. Last but not least, wear a pair of sunglasses. They protect your eyes and in my case I cannot see without my sunglasses due to the sun. I am one of those people who almost always wears sunglasses, even in the snow. Usually, for vacation I pack 2-3 pairs of sunglasses and a couple of hats to mix and match with the swimsuits I bring. I usually bring one swimsuit to change into each day. Who has time to dry or wash clothes while on vacation?! Definitely not in a hotel. How do you wear your swimsuits?! What is your Bikini Style this Summer 2019?! Where did you go on vacation?! Let me know below in the comments. Have a great weekend everyone! It is the second to last weekend before Summer is officially over. Make the most of it!! Go to the beach one last time and wear a bikini! You deserve it! Every body is a swimsuit body so JUST WEAR THE SUIT!

Last week I was leaving for our little short vacation so I wasn't able to stop by your blogs or promote the linkup at all. But you loved the Teal Tulle Dress I wore. I notice a lot of Summery looks were linked up, but so were some early Fall transition outfits. And lots of pants styled many different ways. My favorite outfits I liked last week feature both Summer and Fall Outfits, plus lots of color, floral prints, pretty and feminine dresses as well as bold fun pants. Check out these ladies! They are all blonde beauties! And a couple of these ladies talked about birthdays too, so make sure to read their posts and wish them accordingly!

My friend Jennie always looks amazing in bright colors like hot pink. Her 'Diagonal Stripes and Dusty Rose Pants' created a fun, casual office look and I love that all the pinks pick up her beautiful mane color.
Also in pinks and blues is Claire. She resides in England and she wore a very pretty 'Vintage Tea Dress Perfect for Tea Afternoon'. We need tea afternoons here in US, I would be a fan. Dying to wear a pretty, feminine tea-length dress like Claire's.
Always a fan of modern neutrals, darling Cheryl beautifully shows 'What to Wear in San Francisco in August'. She rocks that white denim cutoff skirt and I love the unique mustard slides for that perfect color pop!
Di always knows how to make an entrance in beautiful dresses. In this post she styled three 'Halter Style Dresses' and my heart was after this lovely red leopard-print one. Love her little vintage bag with it and those stunning gold stilettos!
Darlene is ready for Fall looking ravishing in burnt orange. Her 'Affordable Plaid Pants' tie the whole look together neatly and in a very modern New York Fashion Week kind of way!
Last but not least Birthday Girl Laura wore her 'Birthday Gift' and it was this beautiful floral romper by Loft - my favorite store. She looked stylish in it while meeting her daughter Claire's teacher. Love it with the fedora hat. Happy August Birthday my friend Laura!

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