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The Ultimate Spring Essentials.

The Ultimate Spring Essentials - what are they for you? Well, I am wearing 4 of my Spring Essentials today. They would be: a Breton-Striped Casual Dress (that can be dressed up for work if necessary and I will show you that look, next week, featuring this same dress), a Denim Jacket, a Floral Scarf in Light Spring Colors and a pair of Colorful, Bold Smoking Flats. My current Turquoise ones with the Gold Piping and Gold Tassels that I included in my top 10 items, are most definitely a favorite!
And that my friends is a Monday Outfit. I love it when I am able to show you an outfit I wore that current day. And in this outfit the items from the top 10 are pretty much all of them, minus the Denim Jacket (Dress, Loafers and Scarf). Other than that I am keeping it short today since we just got back from a long international flight. White Ponte, Short-Sleeve Sheath w/ Black Stripes & Pockets: H&M (New) (work option by WHBM, great deal, love this), (similar, sleeveless option by CK, on …