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Valentine's Day Special Collaboration Post: 3 Bloggers, 3 Looks, 3 Styles.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I love doing Collaborations with other Bloggers, especially bloggers I follow and read regularly, awesome ladies that I draw inspiration from, every day - most of which I can call Friends as well. Today, in honor of Valentine's Day, I am collaborating with 2 Fantastic Ladies whom I have followed and read for a long time, before I even started blogging myself. Today's collaboration is with LONDYN of Blog Fashion and LORENA of Lorena's Every Day Wear. Fun fact is that Londyn's Blog is the very first one I started reading and followed. She had already been blogging for 4 years before I started mine. She was one of the people who truly inspired me to start my own Fashion Blog. She always looks impeccable, even when wearing Casual Clothes and she has an amazing Shoe Collection. While Lorena had already blogged for a number of years too. She read and supported my blog before I barely had any viewers. Besides her style, one of the things that inspir…