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Fuchsia Silk Charmeuse Ruffles and Silky Smooth Straight Hair.

Hi there guys. I am happy to report that it warmed up today. It is bright, sunny and a lot warmer. I am wearing these pants (from today's post) with another silk blouse. I usually stick to something more comfy and more weekend-appropriate for Fridays since I feel like they are more casual. (It's The American in me - I can't help myself.) But since I wore jeans yesterday and jeans that made me feel two sizes too big unfortunately, I decided to wear classic, elegant, nicely-fit, trouser-style, dressy pants, today. =)

I have always thought Gray and Pink (or Pink-Family Colors) were a match made in heaven just like this. Other Color Matches Made in Heaven: Navy + Red, Gray + Purple, Orange + Beige, Pink + Beige, Green + Blue, Red + Black, Yellow + Blue, Orange + Hot Pink, Yellow + Purple and Black + White of course. Really though any two colors are great together as long as they look beautiful on you and you feel beautiful and confident wearing them. I was never one to believe…

Friend Friday: Copying Someone.

1. What are the "unwritten rules" about copying content that we bloggers should all abide by?
First of all, I think we should mention the names of that/those blogger(s) and link to the outfit you are "copying". We should NOT copy these bloggers to a T. This means you should still be yourself while using another blogger as inspiration. For example, let's say I love a layered look with a plaid shirt and well-torn blue-jean "Daisy Duke" type of shorts and tights. I usually don't wear torn super short shorts. Instead I would "copy" this look by wearing a plaid shirt, crisp longer jean shorts and tights. Soalways be yourself while "copying someone else's look". Stray true to your style!!Wear what feels good on you and what you feel good about. You might copy someone's outfit in its entire shape and form but you can't copy their confidence. You should always let your personality shine through!So being true to yourself is …