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Saturday is for Vivian - 5 Months Update.

You guys, the particular posts about Vivian's updates have gotten so behind me that I am embarrassed to post her 5-month update so late, considering that a week ago on July 19th My Sweet Little Baby Girl turned 6 months old. But I am still committing to this and writing this 5-month update, anyway. I thought about doing the 5 & 6 month Birthday Celebration in one single post but that was a lot of photos so I didn't want to bore you with that much Baby Cuteness. =D Read on below and thanks for reading.
Since the 4-month update, Our Baby Girl has grown and changed so much. She moves and talks so much. It is so hard to change her diaper because she is always moving and rolling her body all the time. She constantly rolls over and lays on her tummy. She sleeps less on her back and on the side now and more on her tummy. Very often, in the morning I would find her on the opposite side of the bed or she would go from vertically - horizontally. She is so sweet and sassy when she do…