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Thursday Moda #147: The Holiday Series 2018, New Year's Eve Style.

Good Morning Ladies. It is my last linkup of 2018 and there are only four days left in this year. My blogging friends and myself are back again today for one final edition of "The Holiday Series 2018". You can read more about it below and see all the lovely ladies' outfits. It is fitting that we dedicate the very last (and sixth) post of this Holiday Series to New Year's Eve. And if you read my very last post, you also know that this is the second New Year's Eve Outfit I am blogging. That last outfit was about 'the skirt' and this one is about 'the dress'. I definitely think skirts and dresses are the first choice (at least for me) to wear when it comes to New Year's Eve. I was wearing a Metallic Silver Faux Leather Skirt yesterday and I am wearing a Silver Rose Brocade Patterned Dress today. 

THE  HOLIDAY  SERIES  2018:  NEW YEAR'S EVE  STYLE. All of you know I love the Who What Wear line at Target. It has chic, sophisticated, feminine, wel…