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My First Food Post.

I have never been much of a cook, but through the last few years, especially since being married, I have managed and I have learned to cook a few things. Most of the things I have cooked and tried are not necessarily based on recipes. Even if so, I tweak the recipe a little or add an ingredient or two I like or think will be  good for the dish. I am usually a "give it a try" person when it comes to cooking. I throw ingredients together including spices and so a dish is born. Usually I have luck with what comes out, sometimes I don't. The 3 main areas I would consider myself decent at making/cooking would be salads, soups & pasta dishes. And I love to eat all these kinds of dishes I mentioned. When it comes to macaroni or pasta, is when I become more creative too with the sauce(s). I usually buy most sauces I use for my pasta (usually red sauces), but I may mix one sauce with another 1 or 2 sauces I have purchased or better yet, mix them with some spices and other ing…