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A Little Edgy, a Little Girly Bohemian.

Guys, I have been neglecting the blog and haven't had time to post. It takes so much to prepare a post: take the photos, delete the bad ones, edit the pictures, write out the post, edit the post, find the links to the items - which I have been slacking in the last couple of weeks, promote the post on my Instagram, etc, etc. But as with everyone, the start of my Summer has been so busy and I go into more of a routine/normal schedule next week. Case in point, I started writing this post two days ago and still didn't hit publish because I wasn't ready for it to go live. Thing is, though I have had a bunch of days off since I had to watch Vivian as she finished pre-school, I have been busy and tried to spend some quality time with her, rather than focus on the blog. This is still a hobby after all. Tomorrow is also "National Splurge Day" and I plan on 'splurging' by A) going to the beach (our nearby lake) with Viv and B) treating myself to some cute things fr…