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My First Outfit of the Day (Actual Day).

So here is another first. I am posting you my very first outfit of the day, (almost) on the same day I wore it, just a few hours later to be exact though it is after midnight so by the time you will read this post it will be Saturday rather than Friday. However this is a good first attempt and though this outfit is maybe a little boring and on the safer side, I made an attempt to post it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. And more posts like these, will be filling my blog. =)

So today on Friday December 16th it was a beautiful day in Tirana, about 55 degrees. I am not working during this time so days are spent relaxing, doing work around the house (cleaning, washing, doing laundry, etc.), having a morning coffee with a friend, going for drinks or lunch with friends, grocery shopping or window shopping, and spending evenings either at home with my husband where we dine in and watch a movie, or out for a drink or maybe get dinner at a restaurant. This outfit I wore from day to night. I figured it was…