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Ruffle Rose Delight.

Hello All. How was your Sunday? What about Saturday? I worked all day yesterday, had no motivation at all and spent most time at work reading a book - a very interesting, true story - and doing this and that on Facebook. Working at an office on a weekend has its perks. Yes I get tired and have to STILL be at work, but I can at least use the Whole Wide Web, read any of the thousands of books that surround me and such.

Today I was off and even-though I had a bizillion things to do, I pretty much got lazy and I only got a load of laundry all done, folded and put back in its place. I started my day late anyway, since we both slept in. I woke up around 11 and my husband, around noon. I spent most of my day in my house shorts and a tank-top, over my Mother-in-Law's. She cooked an awesome lunch for us. After a full week of work and pulling another 56 hours, plus working evening shifts, today was the perfect day to relax and not do much at all. It's now almost 11.00 PM and I am finall…