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Olive Salad.

"Olive Salad" - how do you like that for a title? Fact: I love olives: raw, in a salad, in a fish dish, pickled, cooked. My favorites though are the black kalamata olives. They are so rich in flavor and  juicy with olive oil. They are Mediterranean after all. Well this post isn't about olives or food. It is about style and it refers to my outfit. I have on Olive Faux Suede Booties, Olive Camouflage Leggings (new from Payless and they are amazing) and an Olive Flannel Shirt. I did a little pattern mixing between the camo bottoms and plaid top but it worked. Since both the shirt and the leggings have olive and black as the main colors, mixing the two patterns was super easy. My Bright Green+Gold Jewelry courtesy of Rocksbox worked perfectly. I ended up buying this Rayne necklace in green. Little Vivian (not planned on purpose) did her own monochromatic look that day and is also sporting some plaid, though her entire outfit is in red. Between Vivian and I's outfits we go…