Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Thursday Moda #152: Winter in Beanies, Scarves, Gloves and Sunglasses.

 "Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." Victor Hugo
"Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality." Andy Goldsworthy
"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy." Anton Chekhov
"It is the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the frost, the soul of the sunbeam. This crisp winter air is full of it." John Burroughs
"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer." Albert Camus

Hi you all. I am taking a break from posting skirts (since my last three posts featured pencil skirts) and focusing on Winter and Bundled-Up Looks today featuring my many Beanies, Big Cozy Scarves or Blanket Scarves and Warm Gloves. It has after all been very cold here the last two weeks, totally Wintey, especially since the Saturday from Vivian's Birthday (Jan 19th). I actually remember the struggle that Saturday morning as I went to pick up Vivian's cake and balloons in the middle of a Wintery snow storm and lots of wind which made holding those balloons and fitting them to my car, such a hard task lol. Some of the photos from that day are in this post. I must say my very warm, made-for-brutal-Winters, Black, 3/4-length Down Coat from Land's End has been my go-to-coat during these brutal, bitter-cold Winter days. I have just changed up my scarves, beanies, gloves, boots and sunglasses - because I cannot be in the snow without sunnies, especially if it is sunny out, I am one of those people that always needs sunglasses. Anyway, let's take a better look at what I have been wearing lately to try to stay warm in extremely-cold weather with negative degrees and even colder, bitter windchills.

First of all, most of these photos are selfies snapped with my cellphone. This time around I wore my droopy beanie or beret cap with a cozy blue+white plaid blanket scarf. I love that besides my coral-redish lipstick and the blue accessories, my mustard sunglasses add another pop of color. The Blue Hat and Blue Scarf were also the perfect match in color, I think. The beanie is by Target while the scarf, statement earrings and sunglasses are by Loft.

Then, on a not-as-cold day I wore my Gray Plaid Wrap Wool Coat by Target paired with a Cream Beanie by Aeropostale (the heart is with those 2-sided sequins) and a Teal Blue Plaid Infinity Scarf by Old Navy. I am also wearing Dangly Linked Hoop Silver Earrings gifted for Christmas and Coral Lipstick. The next day on Vivian's Birthday I wore my Land's End Puffer Coat once again with the softest, warmest Blush Pink Oversized Scarf also by Land's End, Light Pink Pom Pom Wool Gloves by Gap (I have had them for a long time and these gloves are a set with a beanie), I have on the same Ivory Aeropostale Heart-Embellished Beanie and Hot Pink Lipstick. I love how all the shades of pink and cream through the accessories and lipstick worked in here. Also, both pairs of sunglasses here are by Aeropostale, also.

Another snow day, another beanie, scarf, gloves, sunglasses ans warm coat. This time I totally wanted to brighten things up with my Red Christmasy Plaid Blanket Scarf from Albania, my Fair Isle Patterned Pom Beanie by Gap and these Synthetic Cellphone-Approved Orange-Red Gloves by Old Navy. I also love the Ombre Sunglasses by Loft and wear them all the time. The earrings are the same Ivory+Black Pom Pom Statement Earrings by Loft (from an earlier outfit above with the blue winter accessories).

Last but not least, here I am on a Sunday off with Vivian out and about in my Blue Light Wash Skinny Jeans tucked into my Joules Rain Boots which perfectly matched my Blue Blanket Scarf. My Rainbow-Striped Beanie and Matching Gloves are by Gap and I am wearing the most Adorable Hot Pink Stud Earrings by Sugarfix by Baublebar via Target. I have linked below the current crazy-stripe beanie and gloves from Target. Mine are from either 1 or 2 years ago.

Now, it is time for my favorites from last week. Can you say pretty blondes and pixie cuts?! Yes, I am referring to the ladies' hair - fun fact. As far as their outfits I am loving all the monochrome layering, pretty put-together Winter Looks and some Gorgeous Coats. Winter doesn't mean your style cannot be colorful or you should be dull and uninteresting!

This week's Featured Blogger is the Lovely JESS from Elegantly Dressed and Stylish and that blog name perfectly describes her colorful, perfectly-elegant, dressy and always-accessorized style. Last week she linked two posts that contained not just two but several beautiful Winter outfits. First, we have the teal coat one and in this post Jess shows several other coats - she has an awesome collection of coats as you can see - and tips on how to wear color during Winter. Then, she shared a darling fur leopard coat and did a fabulous black/white/brown neutral look. I love both pairs of booties too. And FYI Jess has been The Featured Blogger here on Thursday Moda two other times. She also runs a style linkup every Tuesday! So stop by her blog. =)

Fonda has been making my favorites list many times in the last few months. This time she shared her '9 to 5 Style: 2018 Favorites' and I too fell in love with the navy striped sweater paired with work trousers and that trendy yet classic khaki sleeveless trench over them.
Kileen shared an interesting post with her 'Theme for 2019'. I am looking forward to seeing what this petite mama will wear this year because if that light pink pom pom cardigan is an indication, she is in the right style path.
Ask Maria 'How to Use a Summer Dress in Winter' and she will tell you. Her floral wrap dress with the oversized blue cardigan looks stunning and I love the little peak of socks from her mushroom booties. I will be copying this look.
In her post, Di styled a 'Houndstooth Suit 3 ways' and I loved the suit on its own where the jacket and pants were worn together with a simple white cami and maroon accessories - great shoes and bag!
My friend Cheryl showed the most beautiful and cozy look of all neutral sand-colored goodness and shared tips on 'How to Wear All White in Winter'. She gets an A+!!
While my friend Jennie loves her animal sweaters as much as I do. That 'Scottie Dog Sweater' is the cutest and can we all take delight in her beautiful light pink ombre hair. She can seriously pull off ANY hair color!

I hope you all enjoyed my Warm Weather Closeup Looks today and all my Winter Accessories. I post selfies on My Instagram almost daily, so you can follow me there please, in case you don't want to miss any of my outfits. Thank you! And now join the Thursday Moda linkup, below. =)) 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Skirting the Rules: Leather and Plaid Pencil Skirt for Valentine's Day.

Finally, it is super late on this Tuesday evening but I am finally getting around to posting the newest "Skirting the Rules" Linkup, which ELSIE from Polished Whimsy and I run the very last Tuesday of each month. We both dropped the ball on this one though, due to both of us being busy working women and busy moms, we were quite late in pulling this month's linkup together. And guys, as I type this, how in the world is it the end of January?! And what end of January it is from us Michiganders. Last week 2-3 days of school were canceled and this week so far 3 school days have been canceled, not sure about Friday. However tomorrow and Thursday will be the two coldest days of the entire Winter season, but not only. The temperatures will feel around -25 or -30 tomorrow with the windchill and that guys hasn't happened in quarter of a century (according to the news).

First of all, let's start by saying that no matter how you layer this outfit on top and no matter how warm your coat, gloves, scarf, beanie and whatnot are, there is no way in hell any woman in Michigan or anywhere in the Midwest, can wear this type of outfit currently.  Even worse if they try to take photos outdoors lol. They would freeze their booties off. It is INSANELY COLD. Everything is frozen! But, with that said, I believe the combination of faux leather, red plaid and lace (especially embellished lace - my nude lace tee has pearls and tiny crystals embroidered on the neckline) is perfect for the upcoming Valentine's Day. And since my skirt is a pencil style and I have a nude seamless camisole underneath the lace tee, this outfit is indeed perfect for both the daytime and the nighttime. You could wear it to the office, or to a fancy dinner date complete with expensive wine and scrumptious desserts. The Bright Pink Lips, the Red Drop Earrings, the Crystal Pave Bangles, the Neon Strap Crystal-Rim Watch and the Fun Red Butterfly Cocktail Ring plus the Tousled Wavy Hair are all fun, feminine, flirty and pretty details to feel beautiful, girly, glamorous and special on the day of love. But when it came to the shoes I chose Classic Nude Patent Leather Almond-Toe Pumps and for purses I chose a Simple Soft Leather Brown Mini Clutch. And, for the second month in a row for "Skirting the Rules" I styled a Faux Leather Pencil Skirt with a Girly Neutral Top, Beautiful Jewelry and Side-Swept Hair. I ended up loving this outfit though. How about you?!

For the first time ever Elsie's Outfit looks more Wintery than mine. She lives in California after all, unlike me who lives in Siberia (I mean Michigan). Her Velvety Silver Pleated Midi Skirt is out of this world beautiful. Ditto on that Stunning Two-Tone Fur Coat. I love that she chose matching Silver Pumps and her Statement Crystal Earrings are just striking! Perfect look for a hot date on Valentine's Day - go for it dear Elsie!!

My Favorite Outfit in last month's linkup belongs to CRISTINA from Memories of the Pacific who shared 'Pom Poms and Bows' in her super chic, street-style look. I always love combining shades of cream, browns and camel together and Cristina did so perfectly. Not only is this sweet Spaniard a great dresser, her photos are all stunning since she travels and visits the prettiest places in Europe. Plus her outfit is perfect to walk in and do tourist things. I am in love with her pom-pom sweater, tan brogue shoes and chocolate faux leather mini skirt.

Monday, January 28, 2019

A Bright Pink Floral Cardigan and a Red Coat.

Hello you all. How is the weather on the parts of your world?! I am going to re-visit some older outfits (from the first 2-3 years I have blogged, year 2012-2014) for several reasons. 1] About 90% of my readers are different now so that means almost all of you have NOT seen these outfits. 2] I used to share a lot more Work Outfits/Office Looks, just like the one I am re-blogging today. 3] I don't always have time to shoot all of my outfits and when the weather is freezing, the snow keeps falling and the daylight is pretty much over by 4.00 PM, it makes it almost impossible to shoot work outfits. Right?! So, today I decided to share with you a Pencil Skirt Outfit. I have always loved pencil skirts and have always owned a ton. I happen to love the combination of Nude or Blush Pink with Navy. These are both great neutral colors and go so well together. My Nudish-Pink Pencil Skirt has those flattering Navy Stripes on the front and it is in a very nice dressy material, fully-lined. Let's look at this skirt outfit even in more detail, below.

I decided to style this Blush Nude and Navy-Striped Pencil Skirt with a Cardigan on top which I have it completely buttoned up, like a blouse, or in place of a top. I love this cardigan so much. All cardigans by White House Black Market are gorgeous and feature pretty details. Not only is the Hot Pink Floral Print so pretty here but I love the fun Silver Snap-On Buttons. It matches so well with that necklace which has white beads with pink roses printed on the beads. With the upcoming Valentine's Day, a pretty floral cardi is a great idea to wear around this time, especially one with red or pink flowers or a rose-print. Ditto for a Bright Colorful Red Coat. I have always owned a red coat in my adult life: wool ones like this one or a puffer coat. I decided to keep my lips bright too with a fuchsia lipstick and I am wearing Double-Sided Bobble Stud Earrings in a Light Pink color. Now, you may notice that in some photos I have on my Nude Patent Leather Pumps and in otherS I have on Blush Pink Suede Moccasins. Well, I wore the pumps to work while the moccs were worn to my commute to and from work. Don't get me wrong these pumps are comfortable and totally walkable but I rather be even more comfy when a lot of walking is involved. Plus, this way your pumps or any heeled shoes last longer with little wear. Have you been wearing pencil skirts with tights to work lately?! Do you wear your cardigans as tops sometimes?! Do you usually carry (in your car or in the office) a second pair of shoes or boots for when you are outside?!

Before I sign off for today, I wanted to say that my Monthly Tuesdays Linkup and Special "Skirting the Rules" post will be live tomorrow but a little late, sometime in early evening. For your convenience I am leaving the linkup below for you all, though.