Monday, March 17, 2014

Mint, Turquoise and Ivory Prep.

I wore this Outfit this past Saturday when we had a gorgeous day with very warm weather. So much so that the Vest came off around 11.30 AM and I even rolled the sleeves of my button-up. I wore it on purpose for St. Patrick's Day to show on the blog today and to link up with Gorgeous Gals Laura and Erin for Tomorrow's Trend Spin which is Green in Honor of St. Patrick's Day. And of course for Green Week hosted by 3 Great Gals, Andi, Ashley and Heather. So I am definitely linking up with these 2 Different Green Parties. =) 

I have been wearing some Cute & Springy Outfits this past weekend and over the last 4-5 days or so, because our temperatures have hit as high as 65 degrees at certain times. You will see most of those Outfits on the blog, this week. =) Today's OOTD is Preppy, Colorful, Simple, Fun. I have done the Combo of a Button-up Shirt underneath a Sweater, with Skinny Pants, a lot lately. Today's Outfit is sisters with this Outfit featuring Skinny Printed Pants with a Plain Sweater, or this Outfit featuring Skinny Plain Jeans with an Animal Sweater. I, clearly, am loving all of my recently-purchased Puffer Vests, whether New or Thrifted. These Paisley Mint+White Skinnies pair well with White as I have shown you previously (Look 1 and Look 2) so I knew they would look excellent with White's sister Ivory. Especially since this Sweater has a Bird which has some Mint & Turquoise Colors to tie in with both the Pants and the Puffy Vest. What do you think? My Mother-in-Law, Husband, a couple of Friends and some Neighbors all loved this Outfit. It made Vivian Smile too, when she first saw me in it. =)
Ivory, "Bird" Statement Sweater: Old Navy.
Sky-Blue, Linen-Blend, Long-Sleeve, Button-Down Shirt: Springfield.
Teal/Turquoise Puffer Vest: Thrifted (New).
White & Mint, Paisley-Print, "Rock Star" Skinny Jeans: Old Navy.
Silver, Sparkly, Globe Drop Earrings: Fred's Jewelry.
Square, Leopard-face, Gold-tone Watch w/ Brown Strap: New York & Company (NY&Co.) (Gifted; New).
Kiwi Green Ballet Flats w/ Gold+Pewter Metallic Detail: Simple Shoes (New).

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Hope you all had a Great Saint Patrick's Day and a Wonderful Weekend anticipating it!!

Outfit Repeat: Sweatshirt and Fair Isle. Plus A CLARIFICATION!

I am editing this post (which I posted a few hours ago) because I want to clear the air (since I just found out). My little cousin who is 20, found the lap-top on yesterday (Blogger was open) while she was over to see Vivian and I for a couple of hours, and thought it was funny to post a little post on my blog yesterday sharing some facts about her. She thought it was funny to do that. She just texted me to tell me and I just found out about it. I had no idea. I am not 4.10. I am 5.7' tall and I am not allergic to anything. I am so so sorry you guys had to read that. I will be erasing that post. OK, moving on to the outfit.
I didn't post this weekend because it has been a real busy Sunday and weekend. Yesterday, our beautiful baby girl, took a leap of faith and started walking on her own (after many trials, falling down, little steps here and there and getting a little hurt). It is so fun watching her, especially since she likes to grab everything in her sight or that she can reach and throw it down, of course. I had to re-arrange a bunch of the furniture and empty out some shelves that she can reach into. So, at almost 14 months old, Sweet Vivian can finally walk on her own. It will take a couple of weeks for her to improve and get the hang of things but the hardest part (breaking away on her own) is done.

Today, you get an Outfit you might have seen before. Even Vivian is wearing something similar with her Leopard Hoodie. Sometimes when it works, it works, right? This time I layered My Fair Isle, Velvet Leggings (also worn here) and my Ivory Sweatshirt, with a Longer Tank underneath and matched my the Leggings to my Fair Isle, Velvet Scarf (also worn here). I figured I should wear these pieces before Winter was over. Vivian is all bundled up, too. I just love her hand-made, Ivory+Red Hat & Loafers. Aren't they cute? Don't we look cute?
This is the cutest picture. Look at how Vivian is laughing.
Winter White "Hello There", Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt: Old Navy (New).
White, Cotton, Long, Tank Top: Lycra (New).
Black/Red/White, Fair-Isle, Velvet Leggings: A Random Boutique in Albania (New).
Maroon, Ivory, Red + Black, Soft, Velvet Fair Isle, Infinity Scarf: c/o an Accessories Boutique in Albania (New).
Cognac Brown, Leather, Riding Boots: Payless.

Vivian's Outfit:
Teal Puffer Vest w/ Red Hearts: Old Navy.
Brown/Black, Leopard, Fleece Hoodie Sweatshirt: Garanimals.
Red, Velvet, Ribbed Leggings: Jumping Beans (Kohl's).
Ivory, Knitted Hat w/ Red Flower + Matching Ivory, Knitted Ballet Loafers w/ Red Flower: Hand-Made (Gifted).
White Tulle, Pin-dot Bow Hair Clip: Wal Mart.
Teal, Bow Hair Clip w/ Hello Kitty Face: A Random Boutique in Albania.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I have a great week of Outfits planned, with lots of Green. I will be back later today wearing/showing some Green I just wore this weekend. Have a Good One and Thank you for Reading!