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Flashback Friday: Rose Quartz and Serenity for Fall.

As you will notice from the indoor photos here, that is my mantle/fireplace ares as it was decorated this Spring but I shot these photos and never blogged this outfit. The mantle looks real pretty with the bright colors and pastels, right? Well it looks totally Fall-ish now and I plan to give you all a Home Fall Tour in the next few days here. I know I know it is almost Halloween but let's not forget we have all November ahead of us and November signifies Autumn as does Thanksgiving.

Anyway, this outfit, never blogged before but I wore it very similarly just the other day. So it is sort of a Flashback Friday post though you have never seen the outfit. Truth is, I paired this same Serenity Blue Sweater with this Rose Quartz Scarf tied/twisted the same way on Wednesday to work, except I wore Black Cigarette Pants and Black Suede Wedge Pumps with them, however I never had time to photograph it. The rest of the outfit was the same, even the same Teal Blue Rose Stud Earrings. I even car…