Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday is for Vivian - 9 Months Update.

It was exactly on October 19th when my Gorgeous, Sweet Viv turned 9 months, exactly on that same date I updated you about her 8-month Birthday. I keep being behind on these monthly updates but I am not short on words when I write them. In general, I am not shy on words, but on top of that My Beautiful Little Girl makes me so Proud and Passionate. I could write a book about her. I am after all very Thankful she is part of my life, as I mentioned earlier this week, also. I figured since today is November 30, it is the last day of this month and it is a Saturday as well, I would post her 9-month update, finally. I promise, I will post her 10-moth update before she turns 11 months, next month.

October marked the last Birthday that Vivian would be celebrating in the States with her Maternal side of the family. It also happened to be my Brother (her Uncle's) 29th Birthday. Vivian turned 9 months old on October 19th and it was Brother's Birthday on October 18th. October was a month where Vivian was a little fussy and started waking up often at night. Perhaps because she was teething. At this point, she still only has her two little bottom teeth. This month was filled with lots of visits and surprises since our visit to the States was coming to a close. By the time the month ended, the last Saturday of October we went to celebrate Vivian's Cousin's 1st Birthday, where I wore this Outfit (from yesterday's post). It was a great month to end an awesome long visit to the States (we stayed until November 3rd).

This month, my Parents tried to spend as much time as they could with their grand-daughter. My Mother was able to take a few days off to spend time with us. My brother also took time off from Oct 26th until the day we left to spend time with his sister & niece. My Brother and Vivian shared a Birthday Cake this month, as well. It was fitting since their Birthdays felt one day after the other and since this was the last monthly Birthday that we would be celebrating for Vivian in the States (until we visit again).

At 9 months old Vivian gets sassier and quicker by the minute. She is a ball of energy and strength. She still absolutely loves playing on her Jumperoo but is also getting better with the Walker. She walks around in that thing opening drawers, dressers, doors and cupboards, touching things, grabbing things, throwing things. My mom has a lot of plants. Plants and flowers were the thing that attracted Vivian the most while she made her walking rides with her walker. She is also getting better and faster at crawling. A lot of times when she gets close to a table or sofa, she helps herself and stands up. Her eating habits at this point, are all over the place. One day she is willing to try and eat everything and the next she is becoming very fussy and picky with what she eats. Banana yogurt and rice cereal are still her 2 favorite (solid) foods. She eats enough fruit and vegetable purees, though. For the most part she is a happy baby, especially during the day. She is such a social person, very friendly and very sweet. She smiles at everyone and as long as you hold her, she touches you, caresses you and smiles at you, plays with you, etc. without getting mad, almost never. Later in the evening, before her nightly sleep, she gets a little tired and fussy and cries a little because she is too tired and needs to go to sleep. She has a hard time falling asleep and does not sleep a lot, actually. Rather than that she is good, though.

But seriously it has been the best 9 months of my life as her Mom. I cannot wait to see her beautiful face every morning that she wakes up, especially now that she stands up, holding on to the edges of her bed, as soon as she is awake. She gets so happy to see me. Her face lightens up when I get close to her and I am about to grab her. She holds on tight to me and gives me the biggest hug, with smiley eyes. I am telling you that is Happiness and Joy right there. She truly makes me very happy every day and I cannot wait to see her grow healthier and stronger every day, every month, every year. She is My World!!
Her 9-month Birthday Stuffed Toy is a Bear wearing a Michigan T-Shirt. It is supposed to be a Jersey/Shirt from University of Michigan - also the school I graduated. This gift was fitting for Vivian this month since it was her first time visiting Michigan and also the last Birthday she would be spending there, this year. I am happy I found this at a Michigan Gift store.
The 2 Birthday People whom I love TONS! 
My Aunt (My Mom's Sister) visited also and even brought Vivian a Gift.
Grandma's Little Princess. Grandma bought Vivian the Dress she is wearing, which comes with the Tights & Polka Dot Tee. Vivian gets to wear a New Dress every monthly Birthday she has celebrated. We loved this one.
Vivian's Outfit:
Fuchsia, Fleece, Jumper Dress w/ Brown, Polka Dot Flower: Carter's.
White, Long-Sleeve Tee w/ Fall-Colored Polka Dots (part of the Dress): Carter's.
White Tights w/Fuchsia Mary Jane Feet (part of the 3-piece Dress set, also): Carter's.
Baby Pink, Peach & Hot Pink, Mesh, Rosette Headband: Buy Buy Baby.
White, Patent Leather Hair Clip w/ Colorful Owl: Gymboree.
Magenta, Corduroy, Mary Jane Shoes w/ Owl Faces: Meijer's.

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