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Mom's Winter Must Haves: Bold Coats and Knit Hats/Headbands.

This week LAURA from I Do DeClaire and I are styling 2 items for you. We are featuring (in the same Outfit) Bold Coats and Knits or Hats to keep our heads warm with, for Winter time. Both of these Outter-wear pieces are Must Haves for a Mom come Winter time, especially with the freezing cold temperatures and all the snow, that USA is experiencing lately. Once again I am posting a little later but it has been a busy day planning for Vivian's 1st Birthday Photo Shoot & her Birthday Party happening this weekend & next weekend. There are not enough minutes on the day.
Week one Laura and I styled Cozy Sweaters and Sweater Dresses, week two we styled Puffer Vests and on week three we styled Fair Isle.For our Bold Coats I am showing you a Bold Color & Laura is doing a Fun Print. Having on a Bold Coat for Winter makes one happier and makes those long, dark days of Winter look brighter and full of sunshine. I have on a Beanie Hat while Laura has on a Knitted Headband. Her Outfit…