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Season's Tweetings.

Season's Tweetings you all! Isn't this Birds Couple Graphic Sweater adorable and perfect for Valentine's Day?! These tweets' little hot pink beanies and the hot pink part by the chest which forms a heart make this sweater perfect not just for Winter but especially for Valentine's day which is tomorrow. And if your plans are casual or you happen to work in a fashionable, business-casual workplace like I do, then by all means wear a similar outfit. I paired this with my New Favorite Black Pants. They are Black Skinnies in the softest Ultra Suede and I happened upon them at Old Navy on clearance a couple of weeks ago. They were a huge steal and seemed too small. But they came home with me because they are great pants and I am happy to say that they fit me great and show off the lower part of my body in the best way possible. I also added a pop of red with my Awesome Red+Black Lace Embellished Oxford Shoes purchased in Albania before I left there 3 years ago.