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Colored Bottoms and Printed Tops.

It is hot and even humid many times here during the day, but usually after 6.00 PM it cools off. So I often change twice during a day or sometimes I take a day outfit make some changes and turn it into an evening outfit. Note: by an evening outfit I don't mean dressy - I mean appropriate for the cooler evening weather. Both of these casual outfits today are what I have worn some evenings here as a casual SAHM. They both feature Colored Pants and Printed Tops and I'd consider them both color-blocked as well.
First up is this pair of Cobalt Corduroy Skinnies (last worn here. also with a bit of red). I paired them with a Red Camisole and a Leopard Cardigan that has some Turquoise among the Brown/Beige/Black Print which matches the Pants even better. I had worn Leopard with Cobalt before and Leopard with Red before (2 combinations I adore) but this time decided to combine all 3 and I liked the look. For accessories I added a Brown Belt (to bring out the Brown of the Cardi), Beige/…