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Vivian's Style, Summer 2017, part 1.

As I mentioned on yesterday's post my sweet girl Vivian had tooth surgery yesterday to get a few fillings. It was a 4-hour process and she was under anesthesia the entire time so it was a tough day for her. She handled it like a champ and I swear I probably cried more than she did. But she did have some fever after and she is in a lot of pain and her mouth is partially swollen. She has only drank a glass of OJ all day (and her penicillin). Please pray she continues to heal and get strong and that she starts to eat again, soon. Anyhow, today's post is all about Vivian in every way that matters, in honor of her turning 4 and a half as well. I haven't really celebrated her half birthdays except for when she turned 6 months but today's date dawned on me so I figured why not give you a sneak peak of some of the outfits Vivian has worn this Summer. 
I snap pictures of her almost daily, not only when we do our Mommy+Me photo-shoots. So I have been meaning to do these kind of p…