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Guest Post: Amy and her Favorite Michigan Places.

Hello everyone. Today is the last day I am currently in Tirana. Tomorrow, we leave super bright and early (before 6.00 AM) to travel back home to Michigan. I love Michigan. It is and will always be my second home, though the home I am most fond of and where my entire family currently lives. In honor of Michigan and since I am going back there, today's and tomorrow's Guest Posts are totally Michigan-related. Today I have the lovely AMY share with us her 3 most favorite places in Michigan. I must say her first two favorites, are also favorites of mine. There is really a ton to do, travel and explore in Michigan and for a Christmas lover like myself, those two first places on Amy's list are a must-see! Thanks Amy.
Hello Everyone! I'm Amy, and I blog over at Amy's Fashion Blog about fashion, my fitness journey and more. I will be taking over Ada's blog today. While she's away visiting family and in friends back in Michigan.

Ada and I both lived in Mic…