Friday, March 29, 2013

Black Ponte Leggings - Six Ways.

Everyone that knows me and knows me well, should know that I love leggings and wear them a lot. They are so versatile, easy, simple, cozy. Depending on the thickness as well as the length (there are cropped styles also), leggings can also be worn at all times, all 4 seasons. I own at least 15 pairs of leggings, probably 20. I purchased 4 patterned pairs the month of January: 1 pair of Houndstooth, 1 pair of Floral, 1 pair of Paisley & 1 pair of Polka Dots. Now that I am a mom and stay home raising the baby, I don't get dressed up as often, so leggings are even more perfect for my daily attire. White House Black Market - a store I love - comes up with Classic, Chic, Simple Black Leggings every year. They have their thicker ones for the cold seasons and their thin ones, both with lace (wide or thin lace on the bottom), as well as without lace; full length or cropped. My favorite leggings come from this store. They are my Thick Ponte Leggings which are built, or rather styled like a pair of jeans, with actual pockets. I wear them all the time, that is why one pair wasn't enough, I own three of the same pair. I actually wore them a lot the last couple of winters. I love their thick Ponte material and I like that they are not too fitted, they sort of look like Skinny Pants. This way they also can work with a regular length top or sweater, with a blazer over or whatever. These are the item I chose for the last day of the challenge for Casual Friday.

You can find these leggings at WHBM. Ann Taylor Loft also has a similar pair they have been making since 2009. For trendier leggings look at Express and/or Bebe. They have a lot of patterned ones, too. That is where you can find leggings that look like jeans, as well as jeggings. Below I am showing you 6 Casual ways I have worn My Favorite Black Ponte Leggings by White House Black Market. In most of these outfits I am also wearing my go-to boots. They are so comfortable and these Black, Flat Riding Boots go with everything. They make the legs longer & seamless worn with the leggings. I have worn these leggings more than just 6 times. I am noticing in these outfits though that I have paired them with Gray a lot. If you want to see more of my leggings just click the label LEGGINGS, where you will see these leggings again styled in more ways, as well as other leggings. =) Anyway, here are all 6 outfits side by side. Which one is your favorite outfit?

1st Look. This is a very simple look wearing it with a Long Lavender Cardigan and a Matching Triangle Pom-Pom Scarf. I am also wearing the Black Boots I talked about. This outfit is missing jewelry. Maybe I could have done some small earrings. However, it was a cold Winter day when I wore this.
Long, Lavender Cardigan: Pink Shadow.
Ponte, Thick, Black Leggings w/Pockets on the Back: White House Black Market.
Lavender, Taupe, Brown & Beige, Printed Triangle, Pom-Pom Scarf w/ Small Flowers: Purchased in Greece.
Black Suede Booties: Worthington (JC Penney).
2nd Look. I brightened up this Wintery Look with a Hot Pink Sweater, a Hot Pinkish/Lavender Mock Turtleneck underneath and wore my over-the-knee Brown Boots. Instead of a Necklace, I pinned a Dragonfly Brooch to the turtleneck. I really like this look. This cable-knit sweater is one of my favorites. I own it in a Bright Blue too, like between a Turquoise and a Cobalt.
Hot Pink, Boat-Neck, 3/4-Sleeve Sweater: American Eagle.
Lilac-Pink, Stretchy & Cozy Cotton Turtleneck: T-Box.
Ponte, Thick, Black Leggings w/Pockets on the Back: White House Black Market.
Taupe-Charcoal, Over-the-Knee Boots: Simple Shoes.
Silver Dragonfly Brooch w/ Mini Pink Rhinestones (pinned to my Turtleneck): Forever 21.
Silver Gray Headband with a Bow Decorated in Silver Rhinestones: Random Boutique in Tirana.
3rd Look. This is a Funky Look but warm too. It was such a Cold, Rainy Evening I remember. I wore this for a Casual Date Night with my husband. I wore a Parka on top & even gloves. I love this matching set of Scarf & Hat (Beanie). I also love this Merino Wool, Gray Cardi with the Metallic Detail from WHBM.
Merino-Wool, Long Cardigan w/ Front Pockets on Each Side: White House Black Market.
Black, Nylon Stretch, Scoopneck T-Shirt: White House Black Market.
Stretchy Silver, Oval-Linked Bracelet (Right Hand): The Limited.
Soft & Cozy, Knitted Acrylic/Wool Cap + Matching Scarf: Boutique "Limoni" (in Tirana).
Ponte, Thick, Black Leggings w/Pockets on the Back: White House Black Market.
  Black, Leather Boots: Impo.

4th Look. I really like the layering here. Gray and Red is not a combination I do often but they pair well together. Also, I don't really wear a sweater over a sweater but the textures of the V-Neck & the Vest are different. They are both cotton, but the V-Neck is more of a knit, while the vest is more of a crochet. I added the scarf for warmth, though it does add some interest & pattern to the outfit. Ohh and I curled up the ends of my hair.
Relaxed, Gray, V-Neck, Cotton Sweater w/ Fun Button Detail on the Sleeves: White House Black Market.
Red, Crocheted Vest w/ Military Buttons on the Shoulders: Armani Exchange.
Ponte, Thick, Black Leggings w/ Pockets on the Back: White House Black Market.
Black & Gray Rose-Print Scarf: A Scarf Boutique. (I paid less than 5$ for it and I love it).
Black, Leather Boots: Impo.

5th Look. I am wearing the Long Lavender Cardigan (which I belted) once again over a Light, Violet, Mock Turtleneck. This time I wore a short Silver Necklace instead of a brooch. And once again My Favorite Black Boots.
Long, Lavender Cardigan: Pink Shadow (a nice, affordable Italian Brand which is also made in Italy).
Violet, Light-Cotton, Mock Turtleneck: T Box.
Ponte, Thick, Black Leggings w/ Pockets on the Back: White House Black Market.
 Dusty Pink/Lavender, Thick, Warm, Wool, Winter Scarf: Purchased this Winter in Albania.
Steel Gray, Silver-y, Glass Crystal Necklaces (it's actually 2 of the same necklaces; I purchased two in case I wanted to wear it as one, together): White House Black Market.
Leather, Black, Skinny Belt: Banana Republic.
Black, Leather Boots: Impo.

6th Look. I wore this outfit to work. Between the Long Cardigan with the Bows and the Button-Down, High Collar, Ruffled Blouse underneath it was Dressy enough for a Wintery Day.
Medium-Gray Cardigan w/ Black Trim & Bow Pockets: London Girl.
Silver-Gray, Shimmery Button-Down Blouse w/ High Ruffled-Neckline: Purchased at a Boutique in Tirana.
Ponte, Thick, Black Leggings w/ Pockets on the Back: White House Black Market.
Black Silk Headband w/ Silver Rhinestone Butterfly (off the Side): The Limited.
Black, Leather Boots: Impo.