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31: Floral in Red, White and Blue.

It is about time I wore this Floral Skirt with something layered on top, rather than just a Tee or a Tank like I have done before during this 30 for 30 challenge. This time I layered my Denim Vest and was able to wear this Outfit all day, for Casual Daytime stuff and later when I taught my little 8 and 9 year olds. But it is a Pretty Casual Outfit. Also, I am noticing the three dominating colors - Red, White and Blue. America for the win! I am sorry if you are getting bored with me repeating clothes over and over but I was able to create over 40 Outfits with my 24 clothing items and 6 pairs of Shoes. I will be posting them all, but you will also see some Fresh, New Outfits next week. The next two Outfits after this happen to be two of my Most Favorites in this entire challenge,  so stay tuned. =) Happy Saturday Ladies!! 
Orange-Red, Scoop-Neck, Short-Sleeve Tee in Jersey Cotton on the Front & Silky on the Back: The Limited very similar in scoop-neck, best deal), (similar V-Neck, gr…