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Bright-Colored Cropped Pants for Fashion Challenge: Day 4.

I have enjoyed this week's fashion challenge. While I still presented myself to the world in my normal, elegant yet relaxed style, I also followed some Summer 2012 Trends, went colorful and challenged myself style-wise. Yes, I must say this was quite a colorful week. I think day 4 and 5 of this challenge were probably what I was looking forward to the most and you will see why.

Even-though I have patterned bottoms, both skirts and pants, especially skirts, I decided to wear colored bottoms, bold and bright pants to be exact. This way I incorporated lots of color into yesterday's outfit and even got to wear my new pants and my new shoes. I love them both (pants and shoes), not just because how stylish and comfy they both are, but because they are so COLORFUL, too. Plus, I went print-crazy the rest of this week and wore not one but two skirts, it was time for a solid pair of pants. Hope you like this outfit just as much as I did.

White & Yellow Modern, Geometric-Plaid Print, …