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Textures and Tassels for New Year's Eve.

Today I am sharing a second option you could wear for New Year's Eve. I shared the first one on Monday's Post. I also showed you a possible New Year's Eve Outfit yesterday with my Wishful Shopping list. And as you can see I cannot stay away from those Jewel tones. First Teal and Royal Blue, then Emerald and Gold and today a strong dose of Garnet (and a small pop of Purple). New Year's Eve is the time of year where you can totally go texture-crazy also and while you can, do not be afraid to wear all the fringe or the tassels, like I have done today.
Red is a great color to wear for any special occasion and one of the colors of the Holiday season. As a matter of fact I cannot think of a special time when you cannot wear red: Christmas, Valentine's, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, your Birthday, you name it. But this New Year's Eve why not chose a bold dark red or a rich shade of wine instead, just like I have done here. Every item I have on is textured: sequined blaze…