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Thursday Moda #151: Viv! Red! Radiate!

Good morning you all and Happy Thursday! How is the weather on your part of the world?! Ours has been snowy, freezing, hail, frozen rain and very low temperatures though we started the day with black ice today and finished it off with a high of 42 degrees. It is time for such weather too, because in all honesty we have had a very decent November and December and early January, so we are paying off for it, now. Due to the weather, as I mentioned in my "Bundle Up, Buttercup!" post, it has made it so difficult for me to take outfit photos. I have shot a few outside and most of them inside. I also have some outfits from late December through early January that are still fresh and yet-to-be-posted, so today's outfit is one of those, worn the first Friday of the new year on a day spent with Vivian when she still on her break from school and when we experienced a glimpse of super-early Spring in early January, with our high temperature being about 55 degrees. OK, enough weather…